How can one determine the top 10 unqualified teams in the Global Skills Leaderboard?

The VRC Qualifying Criteria got an update today, and with it came critical information on changes to the regional and world level qualifying structures. With it came the announcement that qualification from the Global Skills Leaderboard is back! (Well, sort of…)

After all Championship events have concluded (March 12, 2023), the top 10 non-qualified teams on the World Skills Standings in each program and grade level will receive an invitation to VEX Worlds 2023.

So, I think this is a great way for smaller regions like Singapore who usually perform quite well at Robot Skills to get extra berths to the 2023 World Championships!

The only problem is, right now I do not see a way to sort by “unqualified teams” on robotevents to see which lucky teams would be getting a spot (kind of similar to what VEXdb did with the top 30 scores). While someone could manually calculate the 10 teams getting berths to the World Championship, it would be incredibly time consuming, especially if certain teams have already qualified from signature events.

So, my question is, is there anyway to remedy this? Or are we stuck left in the dust as to which 10 teams will qualify?


It would be nice to be able to sort by this metric, though like you say you could just go down the leaderboard and check each team to see if they are qualified or not. would take some time, but could be done. Or perhaps it’s something we could see added to @Mentor_355v’s excellent data analysis site.

In general though this is a really great change, and I’m glad to hear that we’ll likely be seeing more than just a couple of the worlds-tier Singapore teams being able to attend worlds.


The RobotEvents API does look like the Awards response includes a “Qualifies for” section that one could use to determine teams who have qualified for World’s thru competitions. This won’t account for “previous year’s qualifiers”, nor winners of on-line challenges, etc. But could be a useful approximation.


I didn’t realize that the “Qualifies For” field was there on Awards. I’ll look to incorporate this into the site after I roll it over to Spin Up, likely this week after the first tournament in Minnesota posts results.


Thanks for doing this!

There may be other potential gaps with this methodology:

Teams that qualify to World’s because other teams won multiple qualification awards at Regionals via that Regional’s Skills Rankings.

I’ll disclaim whatever I wind up coming up with as an approximation and not official and give enough of a buffer for teams to at least get a feel for how likely they would be to this.


Yeah, I guess it might be a good idea for people go comb through the unqualified teams and see if they were one of those “gap teams”, but alas that too could take quite a bit of work.

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It is definitely a cause for celebration!
It is a great piece of news for all regions! The season get to be extended and there is renewed hope for many teams :slight_smile:

Not sure is this change due to the earlier proposal that was posted few months ago, but whatever it is, just want to say a huge thanks to @DanMantz and RECF for listening to the ground.
The big guy up there is listening to us :slight_smile:

Edit: @Foster Big thanks to you for watching out for the small guys like me :slight_smile: Owe you a meal… next worlds…


For old geezer EP like me the link is here:

The EP “downloads” link is no more - long live

Changes made are good - and thanks also to @Foster for watching out for our EP friend @meng

EP Summit was good.


I think a formula is much better the way they’re doing it now. Instead of just saying the top 25 are qualified it’s the top 10 unqualified teams. That way they can plan to have 10 teams qualify. Under the old system they had no idea how many teams will qualify from the top teams.


From a Robotevents backend perspective, it’s pretty easy because it’s just like pulling in too unqualified teams from skills for states. So the lookup functionality is already there.


I think it is great that they are inviting teams based off of World Skills Standings again. However, no one has pointed out that qualifying off of skills based on double qualification spot allocations has changed drastically in the sense that it is no longer based off of the standings in your particular region, but rather based on the standings within your regional championship. This means that even if you are #1 in your region for skills, you will not qualify off of double qualifications if no double qualifications occur at your particular regional championship, which is especially troublesome for regions like California - Region 4 which will have 2 regional championships. Even if a double qualification does occur at your championship, you would have to have the #1 skills score at that tournament in order to receive the spot, which means that teams absolutely cannot afford to slack on skills during their regional championship even if they already have a high score on the leaderboard. But perhaps this isn’t the thread to discuss this, since we’re only talking about world skills standings.


I’m almost 100% sure this has been how Regionals have awarded World’s spots for quite some time. Certainly it was the case last year.


It was not the case last year, it normally is based on skills standings based on region not regional championship.


Under a system where spots awarded to double qualified would bump down the season skills ranking in that region could lead to teams going to Worlds that had potentially not competed at a regional championship. Kind of perverse. This way, at least, seems consistent with how Regionals spots are allocated at weekend tournaments.


My interpretation of the rule is different from yours.

The rule only mentioned that the spots will come from the specific champioship. But it didnt specifically say that the ranking must be from the championship.

Edit: Any EPs have insights to the proper interpretation?


My interpretation is that this means the double qualifications will be awarded based on the robot skills rankings at that particular regional championship. So if team A double qualifies at their regional championship, team B with the higher regional score than team C (higher global leaderboard score) would get the spot.


We will need the RSM to confirm which interpretation is the correct one.

but offhand, is there a lot of teams that ranked highly in the regions but didnt qualify for the regional championships?

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It actually mentions it near the bottom of the qualifying criteria; I had to do a pretty thorough search for it.

Any remaining spots (double qualifications) at a State, Regional, Provincial, National Championships to VEX Worlds 2023 will come from the Robot Skills Challenge standings at that specific Championship event.


I’m not sure if this is what is being discussed, but I know that last season, all worlds spots left over from double quals in my region (socal) went to the region-wide skills leaderboard (not just the leaderboard from the two socal state events). This is how my team qualified to worlds, as we had previously put up a decent skills score at the norCal signature event, but failed to put up a good skills score at states. I would hope that double qualification spots are still handed out to the region-wide season-long skills leaderboard instead of just the leaderboard at the region’s world qualifying event(s), because I think it’s important to factor in a team’s best skills performance, not necessarily the one they put up at this one particular event. Not sure if this is what has been changed though, I would hope not.