How do I configure a drivetrain with 4 motors in VEXcode V5 text?

Currently, I can only configure 2 motors. My robot happens to have 4 motors.
This isn’t very convenient because I won’t be able to move my robot forward in a set number of inches that I want it to.

Is it possible to configure the drivetrain with 4 motors? If yes, how? If no, what should I do?


A forum search for “4 motor drivetrain” returned Vexcode text 1.0 4 motor drivetrain config near the top. GL.

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I came across a post from this spring which may be of use. The post is about some features that were released in an SDK update, but they were related to motor_groups and the drivetrain. Looks like you can pair two motors up with a motor_group, and initialize a drivetrain with two motor_groups. It doesn’t seem like this can be done with the visual config, but the example given in the post makes it look pretty straight forward. I also linked to this post in the thread DougMoyers referenced, so people can find it there as well. Hope this helps.