How do I get more speed out of a blue cartridge motor for flywheel?

Yes, as much as possible with the current supply chain. In our organization, I try to keep a stock of every avaliable part from IQ to U. (Of course, the average IQ team doesn’t realize that there are beyond the basic superkit, but if/when they realize it, I’ve got them in the team stores).


Reminder that regardless of wheel choice, there are serious balance issues that start as low as 2500 rpm, with all wheels tending to spontaneously disassemble much past 4000 rpm. These balance issues suck up ENORMOUS amounts of power.


We don’t have enough for everyone… not because he thinks we would be “immature” with them. Also you don’t have to be so rude.

All I have to do to get parts is beg him. That is how we got 3 pneumatic cylinders and around 18 flex wheels per team (we have 5 teams).

It is 3600 RPM base
20 char

Wow, you are lucky.
(20 char)

Fight for them. For us when we don’t have enough parts our mentor just decides by whoever has a better model and notebook OR if their idea is just good.

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I just point our teams to look back at Nothing But Net notebooks that did a lot of experimentation with how to launch objects. They did not have flex wheels to make their flywheels.


That’s a good idea.

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I spent like, 60$ out of my own saved money on them.

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Yeah, I’m buying some flex wheels right now from west coast products.

Good idea! I bought like 140$ worth of it, because my org’s order didn’t come earlier, now they have arrived, and they have helped our bot.

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one issue could be the bearings you are using
those single screw bearings have a offset and the bend into and rub the shaft
not good for any high speed applications, I would just save them for screw joints
you should switch over to stop light bearings or the ball bearings

Yeah, I’m buying enough for every MS team that asks for some.

We have been running the stoplight bearings

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A theme I am seeing lately is extra gears between the motor gear and the flywheel gears. Those could be adding friction, and removing them would possible reduce friction a little bit. You can just reverse the motor direction in the code, and the whole setup would be smaller as well.

Could i possibly get similar results from switching the first and last gears for sprockets and use a chain. We have a competition soon and i feel like that would take less time to switch than shortening the gear train

If it has the same ratio as the original it would work, though the chain might be a weak point. That would prevent you from needing to reverse the motor direction, making it easier on your programmer. I would suggest doing that if you feel like you have to, but be ready to switch back if it is causing any issues. After the comp, removing the middle gear if it doesn’t serve a purpose would be advisable, though you may want to consult your team first. Good luck!

Also, feel free to ask coding questions, but I am only experienced on some block coding, so don’t expect me to know everything.

A quick heads up as well: The middle gear seems to be in place because the motor output shaft would touch the flywheel if it were too long, so be prepared to find a shorter axle or cut an axle if you don’t have one the right length