How do we feel about the new motor rules?

The GDC has finally changed the 8 motor limit!!!

According to R12, we now have a “Watt” cap that can’t exceed 88W. That means we can expect those new 5.5W motors to be used in tandem with our robots. I’m excited for one, but I was wondering how you guys feel about it.


I’m excited for it, but I really hope that vex has enough stock to handle the huge rush of people ordering them.
I also am a little sad, as this will most likely mean the end of motor sharing such as ratchets and differentials.


Same thoughts, if the flex wheel situation taught us anything, the supply is going to be a worry. I also think it at least helps lower the bar for precise subsystems for newer teams. Motor sharing can still be pretty useful for higher end teams too as an advanced technique and not necessity.


This is HUGE. It will help level the playing field between those that can afford & acquire pneumatics and those that can’t.

Additionally, it’s just a step in the right direction.


Schools new to VEX are likely going to be using VEX EXP in the classroom, as such, students will have the 5.5 experience of knowing its strengths and limitations. So as those teams phase in to VRC it will be interesting to see how they allocate/invest in motors. I’ve heard veteran coaches moan about “Here is another VEX product to buy”, but I can see the flip where students will want the new larger motors and their coaches are pushing back on spending money :). We may see 8 motor drive base! :slight_smile:


Also, 11W 1M lifts from before like tipping point will be much easier to make with 11W 2M lifts that have no penalties. Cannot wait!


Does the vex website have cad files for the new motors? I can’t find them.

if you use only 5.5 W motors, you can go up to 16 motors


Lmao we threw them all out last year since we were replacing them with v5 motors

I believe they are making the new ones in the v5 branding and style. I saw some videos of them.

It sounds like you are confusing the 5.5W motor with the old cortex 393 motor (with a green end cap). The 5.5W motor was released a couple of years ago, it just has not been competition legal before, here’s a post with pictures comparing them.


16 motors and yes im excited

oh alr that clears a few things. what the torque and rpm of them tho?


Not necessarily because while you’re able to have more motors they are less powerful so it is up to the teams to decide what they think is best.

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are there going to be new motors? are the current “smart motors” the 5.5s or the 11s

or do we just control motor power in VEXcode

so does this mean we can have 16 5.5 W motors? Legally? In VRC?

No, they are a totally different motor. You can’t only use half the power of an 11W motor and therefore increase your motor count.

200 rpm, half the torque of an 11w motor

so new, weaker motors? where 11w is the maximum wattage?