How do you code a 393 motor in v5 using a 3 wire port?

Hi, we are trying to program a 393 motor in C++ and don’t know how to program it as a 3-wire device. How would you go about doing this? Thanks

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You can’t use 393 motors in composition. In VCS you need to use C++ Pro in the .h file you can add the 393 motor from the side pannel then use it just like a v5 motor just with out any of the v5 features.

Even though it isn’t competition legal, there is a vex::motor29 class in VCS. Check out the API (link) to see specific calls.

I use the 393 motor to V5 brain. It works.
1.Use the 29motor controller to connect the 393 motor
2. insert 3-wire port to V5 brain port
3. programIMG_20190516_232312

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may I ask why you might want to do this. Just curious.

For example, I have only had enough money for 4 motors. I have like 6 393s because I fixed up motors my coach threw out. I can use those for smaller-load purposes, since they are for me, not a team.


It was originally for the Create US Open Division so that we could split the load on the battery between the old battery and the new one


Linked below are several posts that have more information about controlling 393 motor connected to a 3-wire legacy port on V5 brain (obviously, via MC29 motor controller).

The keyword to know is vex::pwm_out class:


Can you share me the code? thanks



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