How many Hours do you Personally Spend on Vex?

How many hours do you personally spend on Vex per season? Answer the question:

  • 0-249 hours
  • 250-499 hours
  • 500-749 hours
  • 749-1,249 hours
  • 1,250-1,749 hours
  • 1,750-2,499 hours
  • 2,500-2,999 hours
  • 3,000-3499 hours
  • 3500-3,999 hours
  • 4,000+ hours

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So if there are 365 days in a season, 4000 hours is about 11 hours a day. Sounds about right.


15 hours a day of building were normal for me last season :man_shrugging:t2:


Honestly kinda disappointing. I’d try to up those numbers this season. At least 16.

Hmm. 8 hours of sleep and 16 hours of robotics. That sounds op actually


Can you count sleep hours if you dream mostly about vex robots?


If you spend more than 2000 hours,

No you dont

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Wdym @DrewWHOOP 20char

That is a lot of time. There are 8760 hours in a year. If you sleep 8 hours a night which everyone definitely does, thats 5840 hours awake. Lets assume you do 7 hours of school a day, along woth 1 hour homework, 180 days a year. Thats 1440 hours of school and homework, which leaves you with 4400 hours left. Subtract an additional 2 hours a day of eating and maintaining your hydration and doing other things, and that leaves you with 3670 hours to do as you please, assuming we leave transportation, teeth brushing, and other things out of it. So thats >50% of your free time on robotics, which I guess isn’t all that crazy, but odds are, you won’t actually spend that crazy an amount of time on robotics.


I see, you are being overly optimistic about student life. ngl 8 hours is quite a lot of sleep time for some students


Can we add on option of too much?


That’s on top of my regular d$y j$b, at 40 hours a week. The EP life is not for the frail :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I think we are forgetting about the hours at school…

i personally spend at least one hour per season and i think this trend goes for most vex competitors.


Dude, I went to bed @ 1 last night, woke up @ 5 to finish a CAD, then slept from 7:30 to 8:45, then was forced to wake up. 5.25 hours, and I’m functioning fine.


I missed most of my AP classes to spend the day in the robotics room and definitely was not getting 8 hours of sleep lol


Some of this may be true, but I find it hard to believe OVER 4000 hours EACH SEASON. That’s literally over 11 hours a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR WITH NOT ONE DAY OFF. I’m sorry, but someone please explain how they actually do that. It seems to be a bit of an exageration…


That’s not true. Sometimes I did 15 hour days or even 24 hour days of robotics (only a few times, this one didn’t happen often lol)

It’s an average of 11 hours per day remember :wink:

I suppose, but to say OVER 4000 hours is a bit absurd. Even with

you would still need 9-11 hour days every day the rest of the week. And then continue that trend for 52 more weeks. And then continue that trend until you stop doing robotics. I still think it is a bit of an exageration

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