How many V5 motors really needed for drive train?

V5 motors are powerful. Our team currently uses 4 V5 motors (200 RPM) with 4" omni-wheels on drive train. It really packs some power. Just wondering if we can get away with just 2 and save the other 2 for something else.

I’ve seen teams use 4 and 2.

We use 4, but just because our design allows for it.
Edit: we’ve found you can use speed cartridges 1:1 on a 4 motor drivetrain but not 2 motor.

You can most certainly use 2 motors and still have a fast robot. If you want strafe capabilities you have an option called h drive that uses 3 motors instead of four found on holonomic/x drive…

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2 Motor drive even with V5 is subject do failure. During competition, especially if you gear for speed with 2 motors, you are prone to failure from motor overheating/burnouts. Since the cubes aren’t light, driving through piles of cubes on a speed 2 motor drive will slow you down and strain the motors. Additionally, if a team were to play defense on you when you have only 2 motors compared to the standard 4 or even 6 it is an instant loss. As other people have said/noticed, fast and powerful drivetrains usually are the better bots on the field. There are multiple threads on this, I’m saying this from personal experience and what ive read elsewhere.

I suggest designing motor sharing methods if you really need extra motors


Gonna disagree with you there. We have two motors (one for each side) last year and had a normal motor cartridge with a 84t gear on a 60t gear with our wheel. We never once had problems with that setup during the whole season.

2 Motors should be fine unless someone is playing heavy defense against you.


We shall not use less than 4 motors on a drive. Except I mean, I’m not forcing you, but no team at worlds had less than 4 motors during RR at the 2019 championship unless I’m mistaken.
Edit//: Now that I realize it, I think our robot has a 2 motor drive sooooo Hahahaha


at the beginning of the season we had a very light simple tray bot. it was probably only 3to 4 kilos so we had a 2m drive with 2m strafing wheels.

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If you have a relatively light design, then a two motor drive might be possible. But I strongly recommend a 4 motor drive because 2 motors risk the chance of burning out or overheating. They might also stall. With this game and most other games a 2 motor dive can lead your bot to be susceptible to defense.


2 motor drives are very very very unviable. being able to move around quickly and shrug off defense is wayyy too important

2 motor drive is only worth it if you are really making good use of those extra motors. otherwise, once someone decides to play defense on you, you become very disadvantaged.

2 motor drive
1 motor dual tray tilter
4 motor intake
1 motor 448x style arm on two of the intake motors

Minimal number of motors?

At least one and pneumatics…

you could just do one motor. ratchet it so that spinning one way makes the robot go forwards, and spinning it the other makes it turn left. you can only go forward and turn left, but I mean…

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Or have it like a car.
Have pneumatics steer the front wheels and the motor power the back wheel.
Pneumatics technicallyarent motors

ok, as someone with a 3m H drive (200rpm on 3.25" wheels) I can say that 4 is a good target. I’ve learned to adapt but with 2 wheel drive forward and to turn sometimes I am stuck in the scoring zones and have trouble pushing through cubes.


Most cars aren’t rear wheel drive, but some are. Such as the Toyota previa

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