How to best design an intake using one motor

Hey does anyone know how to configure a feed with one motor ,because my team has a pretty good flywheel but we only have one more motor left. Any ideas ?

One motor is more than enough to make a good feed(I’m assuming you mean indexer, which is the thing that gets the disc to the flywheel to shoot it).
The best way to find good indexer/feed designs is to search the internet and look at designs that successful teams use and how they use them.
Just googling “vex spin up indexer” will work.


If you are using a 2 motor fly wheel you could take one of and make it a direct 3600 rpm motor then use the other motor for intake

This is a good idea if you don’t have a mechanism to throw strings or something to roll the rollers on the side of the field. You can also try and ratchet a flywheel motor to run the indexer and use your extra motor somewhere else.
You could also consider using pneumatics for the indexer.


well I will use a motor for indexer but one motor will bring it up 6 inches to the spot where they will be indexed to the flywheel ( 2 motor one wheel)

but my flywheel has such a fast gear ratio that I need two motors for the torque to operate the flywheel

So my ramp for the feed gonna be at least 50 degrees

I don’t have pnuematics ,because my school has low funding.

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if you don’t have Numatics you could possibly use a linear gear system it may be quite slow though

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I am gonna use a linear gear system but a feed will bring it up a short ramp into a holding area then I will use the linear slide to index into my flywheel.

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That means I’ll only have one motor left because I have a 4 motor drive train, 2motor flywheel , and 1 motor indexer.

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You’re scaring me what’s your rpm rn

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I have two motors hooked up to two 84 tooth gears and they both spin into a 36 tooth gear that is on the same axle as an 84 tooth gear that then spins into a 12 tooth gear. This thing has torque and a whole lotta RPM.

I forgot how to calculate but I think the whole system has at least 4000 rpm

I used an online calculator and it seems it has around 3200 rpm if you are using green motors.

IDK I just kinda built different mentally

What was the name of the calculator? Because I’m kinda special mentally and it would be very useful.

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Thanks I really needed something like that.

I have no Numatics. What can I do without Numatics?