How to best design an intake using one motor

i mentioned this in a pervious post in the thread it might not be that fast but you could change that

In addition to a linear gear system, you could also try a cam gear indexer


Numatics are the best.

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there are other options out there though if your team cant afford or cant get numatics that could work just as good or even better look at mentor built for example MENTORBUILT - A Robot Made in 12 Total Hours For Your Enjoyment

Numatics, pervious… Not to be that guy, but :person_facepalming:
OCD activated
Why is it that spelling does this to me and not the state our lab is in?


no Numatics necessary! just use a motor, and several stages of intake (probably 2) to propel the disc upward. Use chain to connect the different stages. If you’re feeling quirky, you can mix up the sprocket sizes to get funky rpms! Don’t worry about torque with 1 motor. Right now our team uses an 1800 rpm intake and it works perfectly fine.

If you need inspiration, try checking out this super useful intake video explanation!

We don’t use any Numatics on our intake, so you can build it without any restrictions.

Good luck!


I have a blue motor that moves at 600 rpm so speed isn’t my problem dealing with a one motor feed to get it to the indexer ( linear slide )

No I was just wondering if anyone knew an intake configuration for a steep angle with one motor.

I already got indexing solved.

I would suggest watching Ben 606X’s video as it could help your team brainstorm ideas that fit your bot


Blue or green inserts

I can do either blue or green inserts

wait do you have an indexer already?

oh you do nevermind lol

Please don’t do an 8400 rpm flywheel. It just should not exist. You should just use blue inserts 1:5 or 1:6


very related lol

man I remember back then, when I had no clue who Kapri was and we were still named turret laagnn

I’m not sure I can get this done ,because I am in South Carolina and my school has the worst funding to the point where I don’t even have flexwheels.

I say this to my sister teams, you don’t need flex wheels when you have a flexible mind, rubber band rollers work exceptionally well, you could do somethjng like 1569A where they have 2.75 inch omnis on a pivot, you could do pneumatic tubing intake Flex Wheels Updates From VEX

This topic posted gives a ton of examples of what I just said with picture examples. you don’t need money to be successful, but it definitely helps.