How to fit 4 inch omni and gear in 3 holes

I’m trying to find ways to fit a 4 inch omni and a high strength gear(60 tooth) in 3 holes space but I also need the gear to be powered from another gear.
Currently the Omni rollers hit against the side of the metal but are still able to roll by but it becomes harder to turn it. I’d prefer to have it be exactly 3 holes or very close and not use standoffs with spacers so I can use cross braces.

Nvm I figured it out.
Metal washer
Highstrength gear
4 in Omni
1/4 inch spacer
1 Teflon spacer
It’s a metal washer and a Teflon spacer off from 3 holes but that shouldn’t be a problem


Here’s something that might be helpful just as general knowledge. The omni is 1.125" wide at the rollers (as far as I know), and that gap is exactly 1.4" when built with aluminum (I think it might change with steel slightly).

be mindful of screw heads, because with tolerances that tight they can mess things up.

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File down the sides of the channel. Ez

Also what’s wrong with using a low strength gear in this situation?

Instead of trying to put both between the c-channel, you could put the wheel between and the gear outside.

It doesn’t matter which gear I use because I would still need to add spacers for the smaller gear making it more wobbly so It would be better to use a high strength one

You can’t take advantage of the lower slop you get by bolting them together if you do that

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Might do that if I start having problems with it again

Don’t put the gear next to the wheel. Have the c-channel between them while still having 3-holes

But the down side of that would be that the gear doesn’t have metal on both sides

Pls dont cantilever it

I’ll just have the gear float in the air to reduce friction and also save space
If this is what you meant

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He means having them on the same axle but the wheel is inside the structure and the gear is outside. It’s a terrible solution but it’s something you can try if you like bent axles

The wording was weird and I deleted my post once I figured out what he said but because of the delay for updating comments is kinda long it took awhile. Also I wasn’t planning on doing it anyways because I need stronk robot

Also one thing you can do is have smaller c-channels above and have the gear on a shaft above the wheel and have the motor there

By powering the wheel from the side and treating it like a gear?
Also I can’t make the design smaller than 3 holes because I have a planetary gear set that takes up 3 holes

I’m a little concerned. Wdym by treating the wheel like a gear

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I’ve seen this used before and you power the wheel with a gear but don’t connect the gear to the axle the wheel is on. You just treat the wheel like a gear and a wheel. I’d assume you could make a 2 hole chassis or even a 1 hole if you use the right wheels
Edit: bad with words