How to rubber band a DR4B

So im trying to rubber band my dr4b, but i dont
understand how to perfectly rubber band a lift using triangles

Put standard rubber band placement on each four-bar, then add a constant amount of stretch to it. You may do it backward at first (guilty…) but just play around with it. You also want bands on both sides of each C-channel so they do not bend.

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What is the purpose of the zipties

And what do you mean by standard rubber band placement

Standard rubber band placement would be a straight rubber band one bar to the other at the correct angle to assist it. It’s very hard to explain without a diagram, but I can’t make one right now. The picture should suffice.

The zip ties keep the rubber bands from getting stuck on the top four-bar when it comes down.

Just on the topic of lifts, for a double reverse four bar
Is it more efficient to mount motors on the lift itself or on the base?

You should start a dedicated thread for this question as its pretty debatable and would probably veer off topic from this thread.
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