Hypothetical Lift

So, this is all hypothetical and impractical (and yes, very stupid sounding as well), but without regards to change up or any other past game, would it be physically possible to build a dr4b with a vertical lift on the end within the size limit? Just talking out loud here. Don’t really have a purpose for it either, kinda just curious.


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what do you mean by a dr4b with a vertical lift on the end? like a second linear lift on top of a dr4b? possibility aside, why on earth would you need this? if you wanted more height, you could just make a dr6b.

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yes, but like I said:

QR8B? :eyes:


I was JUST looking at that thread…

well then yeah of course its possible. just not practical in any way.


i mean you could technically make one, just make a smaller DR4B and then slap a elevator lift on it.

it would very heavy and very sloppy, but its doable.

It sounds like in the zone

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please don’t

20 char.

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Time to build a dr6b with a scissor lift on it with a cascade lift on the scissor lift :slight_smile:

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Okay everyone. Sorry for the confusion. What I really meant was if you could put a cascade lift on the end of a dr4b. whoops.

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Which end of the dr4b? The bottom or the top of the dr4b?

I have seen dr4b mounted on top of the cascade lift.

cascade lift

I have seen…

Cascade lift

But you can try your version.


I don’t doubt it but I can already tell it’s gonna tip

Just put the driven gear on a DRB4 on the side. This will cause the lift to move straight up without sacrificing weight or room. vex 12

I built a cascade/2 bar for Tower Takeover if that’s what you’re looking for.

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