New and Improved Lift Design!!!

Presenting the all new DANNY LIFT

It is a new and improved lift design, that avoids all of the problems of Scissor, 6 bar, and Elevator Lifts.

More information will be provided if there is interest!

I am not trying to bash on any design, just introducing a new one.

Look below in my posts for explanations on differences from other lifts.

So you CADded a commonly known and sometimes used double four bar lift and named it after yourself?

I want to order mine! LOL:p

No, this is far different than a four bar. for example it starts with all bars horizantal, ends with all four vertical, and has a 5.8 to 1 extended height to compressed height ratio. Watch the youtube more, look more. I will also post more detailed pics in future.

And, by the way, my name is not Danny, he is on a different team at my school.

So basically, it’s a double four bar.

Scissor lifts are way to much work.
but personally I think double reverse four bars are the best.

We are going to be building 3 robots over the summer and deciding which one has the best potential to be the platform we choose to continue with. We will have something fairly simple for Hawaii, but we will complete a 7 bar Peaucellier planar linkage lift over the summer just for grins.

You could also do the same thing with a 6 bar


But 6-bar’s work amazing for this years game…

:):o:(:o:mad:NOOOOOoooooo!!! LOL! JK!

Lol it’s a double four bar with horizontal/ vertical capability which is not too hard to accomplish. It’s not a new lift design. Double four bars might work this year but they have a lot of slack.

They only have slack when people build them with gears for the reverse part…

since we are talking about strange lifts, here is something I have always wanted to use in competition:

Here’s a prototype of it: (the lower stage)
The place where I am holding it goes up and down vertically.

No, this is not really a 4 bar, see these views.

First, the bars are mounted in different places
Left = 4 bar/double four bar
right = Danny Lift

Second, the danny lift is driven from the center, not the rear, reducing friction dramatically
You can also see here that the two sections must be mechanically linked.

If you try to drive it from the rear, this will happen
every 4 bar variant is driven from the rear, but not the Danny lift.

Center drive also opens up a lot of the back for other stuff like a cortex or an intake.
offset joint.jpg

So it’s a double reverse 4 vertibar.

no, this is a double reverse 4 bar from Pastoral_Invasion

this is not like a Danny lift much in reality, just from a non informed first glance

No, I said vertibar RD4B

Here, an example of a vertibar RD4-6B (closely related to vertibar RD4B):

Here is it completely lifted:

You can see that the pivot points are offset to go vertical.

The vertibar concept was already used this year in Toss Up by both 2059A and us, so you haven’t made anything inherently new by combining the two together. I do appreciate that you’re trying to find new lift designs though!](

And for what it’s worth, here is a reverse bar powered from the middle:

here’s the gearing:

The problem with a ‘Danny Bar’ is that it can’t go below itself which cuts the height potential in half. I like to think of them as ‘half scissors’. they definitely have their applications though.
ipod 106.jpg
ipod 115.jpg

While this lift mechanism may not have been used much in vex, I can absolutely guarantee you with 100% certainty that this kind of mechanism as existed for a long long time. Just because you have not seen a high school robotics team use the exact same version as yours before, does not mean that it is a brand new idea that has never existed in the world and you should name it after yourself.