I am new to vex coding but I have experience in C++. Tips?

I am new to Vex Robotics and I am using VEXcode text version to program our teams robot. I have experience with C++ and I am looking for general tips on how to get started and use VEXcode.

There are resources on the Vex robotics website that include support for Vexcode text.

I haven’t used VEXCode, but I would suggest looking up example code. If you already have considerable experience with c++, it should be pretty easy to tell what does what.

PS I don’t intend to say that VEXCode is bad, however, if you already have experience with c++, PROS will be super easy to learn. It’s (almost) exactly like coding pure c++. Once again, VC is still a very good IDE (compared to VCS). This just my two cents.

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Before you read through this, I just realized that this is posted in the VEX IQ section. Did you intend to post that here? If so, VEXcode IQ text has not been released yet, so you won’t be able to use c++ VEXcode Text for IQ bots until it is released.

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I’d second that you should go with PROS instead of VEXcode.

  • PROS is based off of the Atom text editor, which was written by GitHub, so it has excellent support for Git version control (which is definitely something you should be using to keep track of your team’s code).
  • PROS also supports using an external editor. Write your code in any editor you see fit, run the industry-standard make command to compile, and then upload using the prosv5 command.
  • PROS has excellent support for external libraries. Projects like okapilib (motion-profiling autonomous control, sensor filtering, odometry, and other useful features), screenlib (drawing the game field and other graphics on the display), autolib (path-planning and pure pursuit for robots with 5225A-style odometry), and plenty of other libraries only support PROS. In order to achieve the same level of performance with VEXcode, expect to spend your entire season working on implementing just one of the features these libraries provide.
  • PROS is based off of the Atom editor, which allows it to take advantage of many extensions for users to customize the look and feel. VEXcode is a modified version of VScode, which is newer and doesn’t have as many extensions available.
  • PROS is much more established, as it dates back to before V5 existed. Many more bugs have been worked out, more features have been added, and more people on the forum (and elsewhere in the VEX community) have experience with PROS. Thus, it is much easier to get help from fellow students when using PROS.

If you’re experienced with c++, PROS should be pretty easy for you to learn given its similarity to a standard c++ project. That being said, if you want to go with VEXcode, go for it! Just know that myself, and many others on this forum, have had much more success with PROS.

We added C++ for IQ to Robot Mesh Studio two weeks ago. No need to wait: C++ for VEX IQ now with Robot Mesh Studio


Just use robotc because it is easy for beginners in vex iq

Thanks for the info and you are right I did post this in the wrong section. I think I will be making the switch to PROS. Thanks for the helpful advice and enjoy your day!

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Wait but are you doing Vex IQ, I don’t think that Pros works for IQ.

No im not doing IQ thanks