I Made a 100% Not At All Fake, Completely Working, VEX Drone

GoFundMe page:

TaranMeyer wants to make a Vex Drone, but doesn’t have the parts. Please help support this venerable memeber of the Vex Community.

(the misspelling was most definitely on purpose)


Taran, I could totally see how to reduce weight to the minimum and make it fly.

First, remove most of the metal. All you need is two half cut c-channels. Attach them to the brain with a couple of screws.

Then remove sprockets and blue motor cartridges. Custom cut standoffs to mate with motor internal plastic gears. That will get you 3600 rpm.

Try to shape 6" leg-wheels into 4 blade props.

Finally, every parent and vex inspector knows that helium filled party balloons make great decorations. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

Add those perfectly legal decorations until the robot becomes air buoyant.


I agree 100%, please go to MLI

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Is it legal to 3D print the propellers for the drone to compete in a competition?

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but you could theoretically get a cnc machine and drill some

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Okay. Thank you. I was just wondering.