I need feed designs with no flywheel

I need feed designs that have no flywheel and have more than 2 feeds

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Josh, stop being silly. he asked for feed designs that have no flywheel and have more than 2 feeds.

That’s better.


can you not, i am being serious right now bro


you should provide more information on what you want help with so that we can help you.

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So we have a normal robot base and we kind of want a flywheel launcher type of base but without a flywheel.


You want a feeder that is seen on flywheel type launchers?
Well these intakes are seen all over YouTube

Just search it up on YouTube

Also no one is gonna outright give you a design to copy or follow, you gotta do this part on your own

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thanks, but our school cannot afford any more of those pieces

PS, those flywheels are called flex wheels. That might clear up some confusion.


But the key thing is 1/2 into the post Jon flings out a number of different ideas on what to do / use from parts that you may have.

The X in VEX is being able to frankenmash parts together to make a new part.

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If you can’t afford those pieces, use gears with rubber bands wrapped along the circumference. Works really well suprisingly. Unsure if bigger or smaller gears work better but smaller definitely worked for us (36 tooth instead of 60 or 84). all the parts you probably have.


harvard westlake did, they literally made an entire video series on how to create their robot, and then at the end they are like, move everything 4 holes down because we didnt measure haha lol, it ended up being too big.

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