Ideas for Vex IQ Rise Above claw

This year the scoring objects are kind of hard to grab securely, since they have four really thin “posts” that support the three layers, and the “posts” are 4.5 inches wide. Does anyone have any good ideas for claws and/or other designs for getting Risers into place in the goals?

Here is a thread about one idea.


Maybe Razorbill or Avalanche?

Umm it did not work
It needs more grip that was the problem but I gave up on that idea.

Rubber bands, then! Right?

@Sharky_do For Razorbill at least, we use rubber bands on the claw to give it better grip, which can especially be seen in my reveal video, and it really helps. I would suggest this improvement as it helps a lot.

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Rubber bands are always the way to go for traction

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