I'm having treble with my brain "invalid asset table version"

need help with brain

V5 screen

Here is a link to a similar thread.

Did this issue occur during a firmware update, if so try using the standalone firmware update tool.


Make sure to tick the ‘force update checkbox when using this tool’


I’m new not sure what they are taking abut

i just booted it up and then the normal screen it was this

I tried but I need a admin sin in

Are you using a school machine? You can try installing it on a home computer if you have access to one.

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school is the only thing i have access to

so I need to what for the school to do something

You may need to ask the system administrators to allow you to download this software. Alternatively, you may be able to use the update utility built into your vex programming software. What software do you use to program your robot?


are coding coach pot a ticket in for it a will ago but no one has come yet

thank you for helping me

Me too. And when I follow the instructions in other threads I get this message when force resetting via the stand alone firmware utility. Nothing wrong with the cable which I’ve swapped between machines and the micro USB plug is undamaged.
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 3.21.00 pm