Import Vex Library Fusion 360

Hey everyone (here for my yearly post),

I’m trying to import the VEX parts library into Fusion but can’t find the way to do it, and idea how I would do this? Having to use the file manager every time I want to put in a part would take me until they announce the water game.

Additionally, any specific advice/tips for CADing a robot design, this will be my first year completely making a CAD render.


How to Download a VEX Parts Library for Fusion 360 - YouTube (credit: Orcaa)
Hope this helps, though the specific file might not be the same

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I would recommend this library. It has a video for importing parts, and is a super good library
VEX CAD Fusion 360 Parts Library Release Log


Try not to worry about screws at first and try to do physical sketches before cad.