In what ways are we allowed to attack the other robot?

Hi! In what ways are we allowed to attack the other robot?

Looking at the game manual (here’s a link: ), check out rule G12 especially.

Thanks, but it doesn’t say if we r allowed to push the other robot off course.

Usually, if the Game Manual or Q&A does not specifically prohibit an action, you are allowed to do it.

Pushing off corse is common tactic. But do not trap/pin the opposing robot.


K thx @lacsap I searched the whole rule book but couldn’t find that we could or couldnt

Think you will need to be more specific to what you mean by - Attack?

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Read the Game Manual thoroughly, searches may not reveal the game designers intents. There are specific definitions and situations about field position restrictions clearly written into the rules.

Best advice at this point is to open up the manual and read it carefully.


He said to push off course. I am pretty sure robot to robot contact.

and if he wants to do it during Autonomous, it would not be allowed.


I am not sure is this all he means by “Attack”…
Normally “Attack” has a much… stronger meaning to just pushing…

Hope he is not thinking of BattleBots style of Attack… :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my, I hope not either, then teams will really need to build better robots :slight_smile:


would you be able to throw a cube in auton to mess up the other alliance?

I believe so as long as you don’t hit their goal zones but throwing it at a pre existing stack would definitely mess them up.

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Actually this season, SG7 does not allow using cubes to interfere with opponents’ autonomous.


What about after auton, by throwing cubes into their goal zones and knocking down a stack?

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you can’t cause opponents stacks to become descored, so no yeeting cubes at them.


What if you flip the robot out of the field lol

Again, thoroughly reading the game manual is the best way to get a sense of what is and isn’t legal.

“Flip[ping] the robot out of the field” would be covered by <S1> and <G14>.


I think so as long as it doesn’t enter the other team’s protected zone.

@erose @Comet59 Nope.

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You can think about it like about contact sports that they let us play in the middle school: soccer and basketball.

It is ok to gently push other players and steal the ball from them with tricks, but it is not ok to attack them or knock them to the ground.

Also, some people have been touchy-feely about topic names on the forum lately…

@Comet59, my advice is to you is to use that pencil icon and replace word “attack” with “gently push” before one of the forum admins does that for you.

Pushing or blocking other robots is called defense in the game manual and there are rules that tell you what is ok to do and for how long at a time.