Increasing Speed of Robot

I was wondering if anyone had any methods they used to make their robots go faster. I know that when using VEXcode IQ blocks, you can put the robot to max velocity but from driver- control, does anyone use any certain methods?

Once you reach 100% velocity of the motor, the only way to go faster is to gear the drivetrain up. Use a larger gear on the motor axle and a slightly smaller gear on the wheels axle.


ummm could u put that in simple words or send me a link to vid explaining it pls- also imagine it is a standard drive base, just to simplify things

Here is a good video on explaining gear ratios.
But basically you take a larger gear to a smaller gear for speed and a smaller gear to a larger gear for power and torque.


nooooo i have to go into science :persevere: :disappointed: :weary: :tired_face: :rage:

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when i first started i felt the same way :rofl: :joy: but when you explain all that stuff to the judjes it really helps you for the desighn and excellence award. :smile: :wink:


u should make a diffy swerve drive for those fancy MA changes


huh what r u talking abt

Because the guy who doesn’t know how to do gears can do a swerve differential. And he wouldn’t even begin to understand the maths.

who r u talking abt? coz not tryna flex but im a mathematical god

there’s this really neat thing called google

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Okey explain planetary gear for me and give me equations. I don’t know the equations but I would like to see you try.

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um ok chill out. no need to be toxic

technically that goes into science… im for talking abt further maths equations, not physics equations… :eyes:

You sound like you’re pretty self-motivated…but just lacking where to go for information. Take a look at For gearing, look at the “MAD Box” unit.

There’s V5 version of the stem labs, too:


Thanks so much! very helpful

I’ve got to disagree with that. Most of the formulas and relations, that are applicable to what we do here, are derived from the physical properties of the real objects (i.e. physics related) and not simply a pure math that manipulates abstract theoretical entities.

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ah yes. my favorite psychological phenomenon


Yeah, I know everything there is to know about it!


I know this isn’t for IQ, but in Turning Point, in our autonomous we needed to get up the platform faster to fit within 15 seconds, if I remember correctly, we just increased the velocity passed 100% and it went faster. I might be totally remembering it wrong though. Also, psychological phenomenons are very interesting to learn about.