Entering Solo

I was just wondering if you can enter the VIQC as a solo. When responding, please do not consider the practicality of this, only whether it is allowed. This is because I am able to do all of the roles by myself: engineering, programming and driver control.

First of all you need to download and read the game manual. You will find it here: https://www.vex.com/iq-competition next, looking at the definition of “team” in the game manual you will see that the definition requires two or more people to make up a team. However, if you registered and showed up by yourself at a competition, the EP would most likely allow you to play, but the referees would be forced to invoke G7 note 1 during the teamwork challenge and the driver skills challenge.


Just because you can do something, doesn’t always mean you should. Having a team makes any activity easier, especially in vex. Other people will help you in things you can get better at, and make your team more competitive as a whole.




I mean, you’re a one man team, but it is vrc

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Because I can’t find anyone to join my team…

Long story


I understand that but my dad just spent over 1000$ on equipment so I cannoy just let someone else come and enjoy my dad’s hard-earned money. With all due respect, as I mentioned earlier please answer in correlation to the rules, not the practicality of it. In the competition two teams have to work together anyway.

So would I be allowed??

The answer is here. There’s not much else to it.



Why not?


Please review the game manual link I sent, and sankeydd re-posted along with the appropriate text. One person does not make a “team” by the definition of the game manual. Could you register a 1 person team with RECF: yes, because registration does not record team members’ names, so technically, is is “not allowed” but the system won’t stop you. Can you register to compete at events: yes, because event registration does not record team member’s names. At a competition you’d be treated like a team who is missing their teammate(s). You’d drive for 35 second max and have to put your controller down. I wouldn’t want any of my teams to be paired with you with that kind of disadvantage.


I would recommend looking at this differently. Part of the learning and enjoyment in a team sport like VEX comes from working with other members of the team. Having a second team member help you design, build and drive the robot should help you enjoy it more, not less.

If you don’t have a friend you can start a team with, this might give you a great opportunity to make a new one! Do you know another person who goes to your school or church who is a bit of a technically-minded individual? Try talking to them and see if this would interest them. You might also ask your dad if one of his co-workers has a child who would be interested.

Remember, you are not wasting your dad’s investment by having another member of the team. You are using it to its fullest. As a dad, I think your dad would be proud of you for learning to work with someone else.

Good luck!


Can you do it? Yes

At a competition, during the driver control, you would be able to drive for 35 seconds and have to put down your controller for the last 25 seconds because that is when a second driver (your non-existent teammate) should be driving. You can not drive both sections.

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Honestly, that’s a pretty selfish mindset which won’t get you far. At school do you ever borrow someone else’s materials(teacher included)?


Why are you coming and enjoying the stuff that they bought with their hard-earned money?


Hard to believe, but sure.

When your friend offers to take you to hang out, do you pay for yourself?


Believable, I most of the time pay for myself, but not always.


Why are you coming and enjoying your friend’s hard earned money?

At home, do you eat food?


Why are you coming and and enjoying your parent’s hard earned money when they could instead be spending it on themselves?


You lie

The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s not very groovy of you to decide you don’t want anyone else on your team because you don’t want to share. Trust me, your teammates will have your back whenever you need some help too. I remember a time from my first competition where I dropped my money for lunch somewhere and couldn’t find it. My teammates all came together and chipped in enough so that I could eat. If you still don’t want to let more people on your team after the longest post I’ve ever typed, then I wish you good luck driving for 30 seconds each match.


Believe it or not- I am not made of money- and i am sure that your teammates paying for your lunch did not come up to 2000$

You’ve seen the answers, it’s a 2 person team.

You can pick ANYONE that is the same age group you are (friend, sibling, etc.) to drive with you.

I am a little confused about the $1000 worth of parts, most of our teams that are fully kitted out have about $550 invested in teams.

Key thing "VEXIQ and VEX robotics in general is NOT about the robot. " It’s about learning to design, develop ideas, communication, collaboration, teamwork. These are things that you need to excel at to get ahead in life. So having a partner is a bonus. And while being fiercely independent is cool, sometime the idea from the other person is worth it. And while you may be the smartest IQ builder on the block, how cool is it to extend that knowledge to another roboteer? Now there are two of you! (and if you two teach another two and each of them teach another two and then those teach two more, in 21 generations you will have covered the planet. And that’s super cool!!!


You do realize that you aren’t losing money by letting other people build with you right? At the end of the day you still own all your parts? Just wanna clear up the fact that by letting other people use your parts you don’t lose any money.


Yeah I think I’ve broken 3 vex parts in my lifetime. They were all rubber bands.

Rest in peace.


(I can understand if someone flags this for going off topic, but I think this should be here.)


ironically, it could be argued you’re the one abusing your dad’s hard earned money by not giving yourself the best chance of succeeding in vex. if you can only drive for half the amount of time as other drivers, i dont think you’re going to be winning many comps, my friend; and i don’t think you’re going to do too hot at judging either (for a multitude of now apparent reasons).


It was announced during the EP Summit that there would be changes to the game manual to allow for single drivers in VIQC this year for the full 1 minute coming in the 8/15 update.