Interested in buying used 393's

I’m in need of 10x 393’s with motor controllers. With a lot of teams moving to V5 I assume there’s a surplus of motors out there.

These should be lightly used, working, like new.

New would be $25 ea (393 @ $15 and MC29 @ $10), I can offer $15 ea.


This might be of help (I dunno if he is able to ship to u).

It may be rather late, but since vex motors go for 16 apiece, asking for 25 is kinda ripping off.yourself

I am still giving away V4 components for free.
I have 10 V4 motors and 10 V4 motor controllers that are in perfect condition. Now since these are the last motors I have I will also include all of the internal gears if you need any.
Let me know if you are interested, but because Ive been draining my finances to ship the items I may potentially need money at least for shipping costs, since I cant do it forever for teams…


image I need these items GONE. If anyone needs anything they can see, you can ask for it but you may need to pay for the shipping costs (Tissues used for crying after losing elims at VEX Worlds 3 years in a row not for sale, the cat suit in the corner is not for sale either).


I don’t think that they need it anymore it’s already been 9 months since that user made this topic.


Hello Connor. My team at DeBakey needs old cortexes and controllers to teach our new members. If you want us to pay shipping costs, let me know how you would like payment and how many cortexes, controllers, and usb A-A cables/ vex keys you need to get rid of.


I’m happy to take working Cortex systems off your hands and I’ll cover the shipping. Send me a DM if you’re interested.