Invalid Asset Table Version - Again

I read a couple other threads and made a comment yesterday but I haven’t received a response. Our V5 brain needed a firmware update. I conntected it to my computer, like normal, and ran the update from VEXCODE V5, but instead of the typical screen, I got the ‘Invalid Asset Table Version’. I did read the other threads and tried what was recommended, which was: Force the full update from VexCode V5 as well as downloading the stand alone v5 firmware utility. Both confirm the brain firmware is up to date, but we still have the invalid screen. Can anyone give me advice on something to try next?

vexos consists of two parts, the “invalid assets” screen is shown when the version of the two parts does not match, The most likely cause is an incomplete vexos firmware update.

My only advice is to force update using the V5 firmware update utility.
old instructions are shown here, but nothing has really changed since then, except latest vexos is 1.1.1.

Make sure the firmware update utility is the only application communicating with the V5, that is, close VEXcode and any other applications (visual studio code with VEX extension, web based VEXcode in chrome etc.) that may be trying to communicate with the V5,

An update is in two parts, you will see a progress bar appear on the V5 twice.