Is a hotdog a sandwich or just a hotdog?!?!?!

If you go to a restaurant it wont show hotdogs under sandwiches, but a hotdog has bread in between it just like a sandwich. SO WHICH ONE IS IT!!!


H o w i s t h i s r e l a t e d t o r o b o t i c s ?


I don’t know. I just need this to be answered. you know…

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@Seth You should go out more.

Go work at your grandmas taco truck!!!

Hot dog buns aren’t like normal sandwich bread slices, so i think that’s why they’re aren’t sandwiches. If you took two slices of toast and put a hotdog between them it would be a sandwich.

So what happens if you split the hotdog bun in half and toast the buns???

then its a sub

But isn’t a sub a sandwich? So wouldn’t a hotdog bun cut in half with the hotdog inside considered a sub also be a sandwich?

so i guess hotdogs can be sandwiches

Real question is if they count as non-functional decorations too

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Wait, so wouldn’t a taco be considering a sandwich? A taco doesn’t come with bread, but instead tortilla, which is a form of bread.

I think a hot dog is a non-functional decoration because they serve no purpose other than looking and tasting good. But I’d think you should change the hot dog regularly so you don’t get a rotting smell on your robot just a nice hot dog smell.

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Ok but if we classify a hot dog as a sandwich then we would also have to classify a flour tortilla taco as a sandwich

so is a sandwich anything where there is something sandwiches between two pieces (or one folded piece) of ‘bread’, or is the definition something else. I’m gonna say that sandwiches are whatever most people think sandwiches are, so by my new definition hot dogs and tacos aren’t sandwiches

What about the hard shell tortilla they are made out of flour but dont have the same texture and are cooked differently than bread for a sandwich.

@Seth But they’re still made out of the same thing. texture doesnt mean anything, you can crumble a piece of paper which changes the texture but its still paper.

@Chris 3553B But have you ever watched food network where they have deconstructed sandwiches, and it only has one piece of bread like a tortilla and hot dog?

So are hot dogs in a sub category of sandwiches which are deconstructed sandwiches?

Sandwiches _________________________________ SUBS

Hotdog = with buns attached ___________ Hotdog = If bun cut in half

Is that right. CAN A HOTDOG BE BOTH, SANDWICH AND SUB!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

Bo3 is a better elimination system than bo1.

great facts
But is a hot dog a sandwich, sub, or neither???