Is a two motor drivetrain a bad idea for Over Under?

Is using a two motor drivetrain with the motors powering gears in the middle that turn the front and back wheels at the same time a bad idea? Out team is still in the early stages of building so we want to know if we should keep our current design or change it and use a four motor drive instead. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks!

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While it is a good thought, I don’t think it would help you in the long run only having two motors. Running 4 wheels with two motors makes the motors have to work a lot harder, which means that if you want a stable drivetrain, you would have to put the red transmissions with the most torque in the motors. (Which in turn also makes them slower) I would recommend doing a 4 motor drivetrain for stability and speed. Then you have plenty of other motors to use for the other mechanisms in your robot. Good luck this season!

Payne Stroud
Team 39232


2 motor drive in VRC is always a bad idea. 4 motrs is the bare minimum, (2 motors on each side). If you run a 2 motor drive you will have to run a supwr torquey ratio so that your drive motors dont over heat. This means that you robot is gonna e really slow and u will have trouble keeping up with other robots on the feilds. 4 motor drive makes it so that you can run the robot at like 46-57 in/s withought having to worry about over heat. Especially since 6m drives are the meta a 2m and mabey even a 4m drive eobot might have a hard time keeping up with the speed and power of 6m drves


I would definitely recommend at least four motors (44W) on your drive. If you are having trouble figuring out how to make your drive, I would start here. It is a great resource for teams starting out.

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what about a six motor drive tho on a robot that’s also tryna somehow have a catapult and an intake and elevation


That’s what motor sharing is for. There are many ways to do this, one of them being a pneumatic switching the position of a gear by pushing it off of the one it is meshed with and onto another.


Motor sharing, PTOs, just using pneumatic cylinders.

Many many ways to work around it.

Yeah, as @Some_random_person and @15545G-SC have said, there are ways to make a strong drivetrain with only 4 motors, but any less, you are losing stability in your drivetrain. I would recommend 4 motors.


I will say that 2 motors will make it work harder… plus you have to take the extra time to add sprockets and the chains that connect to the sprockets, and it’s a little less stable. So I would definitely say @javaskrypt gave some good advice to you and so did @Some_random_person

Hope this helps!

C. Rhineheart
9545C Team

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I don’t think you’ll see many 2 motor drivetrains this year. Does that automatically mean its a bad idea? I guess it depends on what your going to do with those extra motors to make up for limitations in your drive train. I think we’re going to see a lot of 6 motor drive trains this year. Speed, power, getting over the center bar are all going to be big this year.

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