Personal Vex Team Quotes

“No, I do not support Patrick Star with fishnet leggings as a costume!”

“no no no no No No NO NO NO DONT TOUCH THAT”
robot death noises

“our robot is trash”


“Where is everybody???” Asked by our college custodian at today’s tournament, only 25 teams, when we usually have 60 teams.

  1. “She’s mint” - When our robot gets something done right

  2. “This robot needs some hope…Highly Over Powered Engineering”
    Other teams: Overpowered is one word.
    Our Team: Not anymore


“All hail Thiccy G.”

“Who is Thiccy G., and why should we hail them?”

“All my homies know Thiccy G., we go way back, and we’ve hailed him since college.”

“Last I checked, you’re a freshman.”


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When we are packing for worlds:

“If it fits it ships for a low flat rate.”


“For a low flat rate”

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Okay. Now, we use zip tie and brain clips. Especially for the brain. Who cares if it’s illegal?! It works!

Shouldn’t it be : “don’t count your rings before they make into the mobile goal”?

:open_mouth: how is that legal?

What, specifically, do you think is not legal???:thinking:


Sister team:

singing along to we’re not gonna take it

We’re not gonna make it! We’re not gonna make it tooo states!


Okay, story time cause I don’t know where else to put this. I was helping judge a tournament today, and needed to run some skills matches. We had a younger team, maybe 3rd grade with one older team member running a match. About halfway through the match, one of the third graders reaches down to grab their bot, and pulls out a ball from their intake. I ask him to please but the ball down and I ask their team to reset their bot. To my utter bafflement, he starts licking the ball! Like, what the heck?? I ask him to put it back and he does, but then like 20 minutes later he comes back to steal another ball and he keeps licking it!! We try an ask him to put it back, but then he just runs away! We almost lost the ball until his mom comes up, grabs him, pulls out a bottle of spray hand sanitizer and sprays the ball. Then she pulls out a water spray bottle and spritzes him in the face. Weirdest tournament ever!


… I’m speechless
though i also judged a tourney today and saw a person trying to poke someone with a clothespin
also saw a ball fight


@MostLikelyAHuman Can you please share on how you used a mogo intake for swordfighting?

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If it’s allowed, you should create a new topic on weird competition experiences (seeing how this one’s locked).


@Robo_Chicken THis man should win the Innovate and Skills Award if he managed to do an autonomous without motors

Um… I guess

If I were a judge I’d certainly give him innovate award


I mean, as you do.

My team and I usually end up having mindless conversations about how stupid I am, specifically about how I never think about what I’m doing until after I’ve done it. That’s how I spent an entire practice trying to make a mogo clamp, only to realize that it would never work, and that the design my builder already made was a better idea. We then learned his design wouldn’t work either, which was a fun conversation.


We always end up talking politics. It’s really funny when you get like-minded people enthusiastically agreeing on politics and nobody argues. That’s happened every time we talked about politics except for one time, which was when a teammate wanted us to stop talking, which we did. Talking politics can be civil, it’s actually possible. :smiley:

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