Is it legal to flip over other robots in over under

Can we flip over other robots in over under?

Read. The. Manual.
All of it.
Do it now.
I’m tired of these RTM questions.
Here is the link to the manual:


No :). I’d suggest giving this a read, specifically section G

VRC-23-24-GameManual-0.1-Release.pdf (12.3 MB)


I absolutely agree your sentiment, but I disagree with your tone. This comes off as rude and hostile, which gives new people likely to ask rtfm questions the wrong impression of an otherwise wonderful and supportive community. New people should feel safe to ask questions and interact with other people who also love robotics, and this hostile tone could potentially turn away newcomers.



If it wastes our time answering questions that can easily be answered by simply reading the rules for the game, you bet that people are not going to be all that happy about it- especially when it happens season after season.


I wish it was legal, but then it would just be ripoff battlebots

Absolutely. I completely agree with the message, and I hope that one day people will actually read the game manual before posting here or on VTOW. However, it is the delivery that I disapprove of. There is never a reason to be rude, especially to people who come to us with a sincere question. I will always advocate pointing to the game manual before asking, but reacting with anger or resentment helps nobody, and can might cause harm by stopping someone from asking a real question (not a rtfm question) for fear of a similar reaction.

Be nice, be helpful, and have a great day!