Is Something Up With The Skills Leaderboards?

So I was looking through the skills leaderboard… and found this. unknown-1

This team has max driver with… a 56 second stop time? This means that they maxed skills in… 4 seconds? Something’s up here. There’s also a Chinese team (9123A) with maxed driver and a 43 second skills stop time. I’m calling cap. Something is up here, does anyone know what it is?


they just took advantage of the 12’ tollerance


you dont have a 40 second stop time?

No, I do not. This so mostly because my robot doesn’t move at the speed of light.

Is it possible it was entered wrong? Maybe they meant to say the run took 56 seconds. Even if they were cheating, 56 just isn’t believable.

Edit: I don’t want to imply that it doesn’t matter, definitely should be resolved asap.


yes, it 100% was entered wrong. This is still an issue though


for sure, I don’t mean to imply it isn’t

Likely for the team with the 56, but I’m more suspicious of the Chinese one. I think that one could potentially be malicious.

What is the skills score they got in that time?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that column labeled something along the lines of “Highest Stop Time”?

If it is then it would just be finding the shortest run they recorded, instead of the stop time for their highest scoring run.


I also wanted to point out this post: New Global Skills Ranking Typo + Problem?

Maybe the stop time isn’t actually for the same run as the score?


I don’t want to interpret you wrong but are you saying that just cause they Chinese they sus.


RECF knows about it and is actively working to fix it. Some teams reported stop time counting up from 0 instead of down to 0. A team that stopped 56 seconds in (probably timing it with a stop watch) should have been recorded as 4 seconds left, but it wasn’t. It will be rectified soon.
Please give the teams that have posted scores the benefit of the doubt and do not assume malfeasance or impropriety. More often than not it is an honest mistake or glitch that will be worked out and resolved.