Is there a progamming software option for us?

I am a part of a school system that is 1:1 iPads. Many of our high schools have computer labs that are used by the entire school; and thus, not suitable for the daily use from our robotics class. I want to give them a platform that is educationally challenging for them as well (No Blocks); considering they have already had experience with block coding when they went through elementary/middle school with VEX. In other words, they need something like VCS C++, or VEXcode. But as I said earlier, iPads are our only option right now for our students. Will there be text programming option for us to use with the STEM Labs, and one that will work on iOS?

STEM Labs is designed for VEX Coding Studio, so you are out of luck there.

But you can use Robot Mesh Studio with some degree of success, since its interface is completely browser-based. The caveat to this is you will still need a separate computer running Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS to actually download code to robots.


I would suggest asking the person who might be in charge of things like this. Maybe have a set of computers allocated to the robotics class?

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Yes, there is a solution.
Read this thread, VEXcode IQ Blocks - Fully Functional Preview

VEXcode IQ Blocks is not a solution. OP posted in a VEX EDR category, suggesting they are interested in programming for V5, not IQ.

As far as I am aware, VEXcode V5 iPad support has not even been announced, let alone materialized.

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And specifically stated no blocks… I’m not sure that there is a text solution that fits your needs. I think VEX stated that VEXcode won’t have a tablet version. Might be easier to try to source some cheap used laptops.