Lazy / overwhelmed teacher here! VEX VR Ideas?

Howdy, everybody!

I’m curious about VEX VR and what I can do with it. I’ve looked around a little bit but I haven’t done the certifications. If that’s what I need to do just tell me that and I’ll be gone…!!!


  1. How do students turn in work?
  2. Will VEX VR grade their work or would I have to grade manually?
  3. If students need to turn in work, could they do so through an LMS like Canvas? (I think I would have them just submit a screenshot of their screen, right? I don’t want to download and open each file.)
  4. Is there a “course” or are there just a bunch of activities I’ll have to pick through?

I have 100+ students at home that are working virtually. I could build courses but don’t want to do that wheel reinventing thing.

Of course, I am acknowledging that I have not yet looked for the wheel… :slight_smile:


I have a class that uses vexcode vr. we use a course called myPLTW, and just do the assignments there. The way our teacher grades is to have us just make a document where we answer the questions and attach screenshots. Using block coding with vexcode vr is way too easy for my age level, but I guess that’s what we’re doing this year lol. It would be perfect for middle schoolers.


Thank you for that. I see that VEX has a high school course in the works, but it’s not ready until next year… I am a middle school teacher but I am not PLTW. (We should be a PLTW school though, but I’m a one-man show at this point. I think we would at least need two techy teachers for our 6-8 school.)

I’m assuming mypltw is something your school has to pay for (I don’t know exactly though) so it might be more feasible to make your own course, even though that would definitely take more effort. It seems like vex has a few activities you could use, but probably not enough to fully teach/occupy a class.

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For my class, we just submitted the files to a Dropbox in Canvas. As far as I know, VEX VR doesn’t grade the work for you, so you would have to grade the work yourself. My teacher just assigned us activities, but it also seems that there are resources for CS teachers:


I have been using the VEXcode VR Computer Science Course for my Into to Robotic Engineering class. Yes, the blocks are kind of easy for high schoolers, but my class is an elective, and most kids have no prior experience so it’s working fine for now. I have been making Google Docs for assignments where students can answer the questions asked in each assignment and paste in screenshots of their work. I have also made Google Forms quizzes for each Unit. I am currently on Unit 4. I assign everything through Google Classroom, and it has been working well. If you want me to share my Google Drive with what I have feel free to send me a PM.


Lots of great questions about VEXcode VR. Our initial design philosophy was to make it as easy as possible for someone to get started without needing per-user accounts or dealing with login credentials. This does mean the “submission” management is up for the educator to handle as they would other assignments.

Students can save their projects locally as a .vrblocks or .vrpython file, or export a .pdf of the blocks project or a .py of the python project.

There is no “automated assessment” component to VEXcode VR as there is no user-level tracking/login.

It’s up to each individual educator what works best for them in terms of student submissions. You can absolutely have students download and share a project with you via Canvas or another LMS. We have examples in the KB article above to Google Classroom and Schoology.

There’s an introductory course available - Computer Science Fundamentals - on our CS site. We have additional courses in the development pipeline as well that will go more into Python programming.

There are also a number of activities available at our VEXcode VR Activities page

Make sure to check out the Teacher Portal as well (VEX Login required) for answer keys, standards alignments, and solution projects.


I was reading your post about the VEXcode VR Computer Science Course and my class is similar to your class (elective students with little experience). I was going to create lesson documents and quizzes, but read that you are willing to share what you have. It would be great if I could look at what you created.

Thank You,

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Hi Jeremy! Have you seen the lessons/quizzes available here - ?


All of my assignments are based off of this curriculum- they are just formatted in a way so that student learning and understanding can be assessed for the purpose of assigning a grade in a class. The curriculum VEX made is fantastic, but to be used in a class students need to be able to turn some sort of product in.

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I actually had one of my students (you know that kind that’s always a month ahead of the class) turn the online curriculum into a Canvas Course. If you could use it I’ll tease it out but it will take a little work so I’m not going to do it if you’re not interested.

It is a bit of a pain to grade their work because you have to download the file then upload into VEX VR. I thought about having the kids also submit a screenshot of their code along with the file.

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Thanks for the offer, but I am not sure that I will use the Canvas course.

I am going out on FMLA and would love to see some of what you’ve created to use in my off time.

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I just shared my VEXcode folder and my quizzes

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I was reading your post about the VEXcode VR Course regarding classroom management. I was going to create lesson documents and quizzes, but read that you are willing to share what you have. It would be great if I could look at what you created.

Thank you,

There are no built-in courses that i know of, but there are pre-setup game arenas that your students can use. Quite unfortunately, there is no built in grading system too. If you’re looking for a course, try CS-STEM Network (, which has interactives and quizzes. You could also assign them activities using something like Google Classroom.

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