LEDs for the bottom of the field

Howdy everyone! Simply reaching out the community at large cause you’re cool like that.

So I have the really cool rolling fields from VEX Team VIRUS and despite that they are the coolest IQ fields around I’m always looking for room to improve.

I would love to install LED’s on the bottom of the field so it glows either all the time or during the match. The room is pretty well lit that we play in, so they would need to be high enough quality that they could be seen.

I can also run audio from the raspberry pi at that field to make the led lights adjust with the match sounds. So I would want the light to do something at those times.

Any ideas?


I’ve had LED strip lights that I’ve used for the last 4 years for my big events. I had custom made clips to hold the LED strips in place, the board is a custom hat for the Raspberry Pi.

You might be as happy with outdoor rope lights that just wrap around the base. Having slightly exposed LED and roboteer feet makes me twitchy. The rope lights have the extra protection.

The other think you need to think about for how the lights are driven. 48’ is a long way to have equal brightness across the string.

There is a huge world of people that use lights for Holiday lighting. You will find a better selection of commercial products that you can make do what you want.

I know that it adds almost 45 mins per field for me to add the lights. I once asked about how people liked the lights and they went “what lights” YMMV.


My raised fields field up and roll away.

So I want to attach something to the underside, but it would stay there and there would be no setup. I would attach the power and possibly audio input to react and that would be it. Definitely want to follow the KISS principle here! I know that DWAB played around with some hats but I don’t really need or want that kind of solution when the audio from the pi would suffice to make the lights do something at the appropriate times. Ex: The fields would glow blue and then flash red when the audio is detected.


I like the light idea…maybe by next year at “RiverBots” I’ll have some.

Just in case anyone is interested, here are the links to the plans. Field Riser Plans - updated links

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