Let this thread die

So, with this years challenge coming to a close with the next month or two, I was thinking about what the next competition might be? What would you like the next challenge to be and have any of you heard a leak?

Leak? you said LEAK!

Water Game!


That would be the best competition Vex has ever made.

And it would make them a lot of money of of all the sold electronics…

Vex Game 2022-23
Here ya go!


I think that it will be based around tosing balls or bags.

No way that’s sick!!!

I was expecting this to be fake, but it is the actual thing! Wow, not at all the game I was expecting, but definitely the game i was wanting


Yes, please comment any ideas that you have for what the nxext comptiton will be.

HEY! There is already a thread for this. Don’t be that person/


YES!! I’m 100% with @Foster. DO NOT start a thread where you dont need one.

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NO WAY. I thought this was going to be a rick roll but it wasn’t. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET THIS


That crazy! I’m in the same boat, not what I was wanting but what I was expecting.

Foster’s right, all you people, see: click here And anyway,

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I did not see the other tread. Second, I was trying to be fun and see your ideas not to make fake LEAKS but to talk and see what the public wants. So please stop calling me a bad noob who just wasts everybodys time. I am not a noob and I did not just make this thread to wast time and energy.

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Please if you have a game idea for next year tell me.

P.S. "Please don’t ask about the new game. We will ALL find out the last day of the VRC events and the last day of the VEXIQ events. Not before. Just wait. THAT IS JUNK, I KNOW THAT THERE WILL BE A NEXT YEAR AND I LIKE TO THINK!!! IF you do not like to think than do not tell me to stop!

search harder - and trust me - my ideas for future games can be terrifying…

[edit - where is the April 1st product announcement so we can really adapt designs for new game?]


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Ok that’s a noob, at least in the forum.

We are trying to not having multiple threads of the same or similar topics running around.
You still can continue with this speculation of new game discussion. But do it in some already existing thread?


Yes, I have not been on the fourm long and in that sence I am a noob but I have spent a lot of time doing it(Spending at least a hour a week). how many hours do you need ot have on the fourm to stop beeing a noob?

Also I did not find the tread when I looked. I am sorry that I made this thread when there alredy was one.

I am not sure if spending 1hr per week on the forum will means you are an “expert” (if there is even such a thing).

I might come across harsh over here. But it is your attitute that is rubbing some of us the wrong way.
And when you have people like @Foster (who has been around since 2013) trying to tell you nicely to move to another thread for your discussion, but yet you reacted by behaving like some young kids in the candy store and trying to exert your “rights” to do what you like, then naturally it will not end off well.

You started off well in your previous post - asking for scouting tips. Even though there are already existing threads dealing with similar topic on scouting, many of us let it passed. During that time, you were at least behaving in an appreciative manner and you seem to be teachable.

But over here - naah.
To tell you the truth, if you were my students and behaving this way, most likely i would have barred you from the forum for a month to do some reflections.

And by the way, I have scrolled up and down this thread quite a few times, I didnt see anyone calling you a noob.

And even if you still insist on your rights on continuing with this discussion and thread, then at least categorise this thread under “chit-chat” and not “V5 General Discussion”.

Just let it be if you are truly sorry. There is no need to always have the last words.