Linear motion kit for TT

Okay, so I want my track to be slid up at the start of the match to hold more cubes. My teacher suggested a linear motion kit, but I’ve been told on here that it’s not very good, the plan is that it’s going to hold 3 cubes. I’ve only build a little today but it’s whats below. Are they a good idea or would you suggest something else. (PS They are steel we don’t have aluminum)


Dont use that it is too heavy


Fun fact, they don’t come in aluminum. We’re stuck with the heaviest parts in edr as our linear slides. That’s why cascades and cascading extensions use c-channels wedged between washers. They also have a tendency to fall out, so that’s another (not) plus.

Steel c-channels are a bit easier just because the old black spacers are the right thickness, but aluminum would make it better. I’ll post a video of the banding idea in a few. eno posted some pretty useful links, take a look at those