Linking V5 Brains

So for the upcoming offseason, my team wants to build a special robot (possible reveal after) that would require using either the old Cortex system or connecting two V5 brains together. Therefore, is there any way to link 2 V5 brains together and if so, would they be programmed in much the same way a 2 controller system would be coded or would it be significantly different?

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yes, you can link two or more V5 brains together either wired or wirelessly using the message_link or serial_link classes in VEXcode. :smile:


Is there any documentation on those classes? I can’t exactly seem to find how to use them.

Look through the VEXcode headers (vexlink.h), it’s still a work in progress and we haven’t documented it very much. But it’s pretty cool.


Sorry for pestering you but where could I find the header files? I searched through the VexCode API but couldn’t find it.

in any VEXcode project, right click on vex.h, then select goto definition and drill down from there, (select v5_vcs.h)


That sounds very interesting!

Does it require any kind of special electronics to connect two V5 brains that way?

Is it safe to connect two brains by a regular smart cable?

What happens on the power line if two batteries are at different voltage?


Would this be a handshake between the two brains?


for wired, I would disconnect power in the smart cable, later we will probably disable power on the smart ports, but we didn’t do that yet.

the wireless link needs additional radios to be connected. We will give lots more details on how to use this later on in the year, probably after worlds.


If I wanted to link them before the guide comes out, would I have to cut the power cable in the smart cable when connecting?
Edit: As in, how exactly would you disconnect power?

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