List of Signature Events

Since I can’t find an official list of signature events, I figured we could make a list in this thread.

Below are all the ones I know of so far, organized by country and region.

United States:

East Coast: (listed from north to south)

WPI VRC Signature Event
Worcester, Massachusetts
March 7-9, 2019

VEX Night at the Museum
Chantilly, Virginia
January 25-26, 2019

University Of South Florida SIGNATURE EVENT- A World Qualifier
Tampa, Florida
Feb 4, 2019


(The high school Kalahari Classic is held at the same time, but is full.)
Sandusky, Ohio
January 18-19, 2019

West Coast:

Google VEX Turning Point High School Tournament
Google VEX Turning Point Middle School Tournament
Mountain View, California
Feb 16, 2019 (HS) / Feb 17, 2019 (MS)


Asia-Pacific VRC Championship - High School
(The middle school Asia-Pacific Championship is held at the same time, but might not be a signature event.)
Macau, China
November 30 to Dec 3, 2018

Asia Open VEX EDR Robotic Competition - High School
Asia Open VEX EDR Robotic Competition - Middle School
Tianjing, China
Feb 15-18, 2019


APAC HS and MS will be held together.

That’s where I find it strange… from what i heard, the organiser says there will be no worlds spots allocated for MS.
And now, many of the Singapore MS teams are wondering if it is still worth making the trip.

But the worst part is that Singapore MS teams are now seriously thinking of quitting and looking for other platforms to jump ship to.
If there is no worlds spots for APAC MS, then essentially Singapore (and other small Asia regions) will be stuck with just 1 MS spot for worlds.
So… the rest of the teams just need to get past the legendary 8065/66 and 8068 (which has always been pushing 8065/66 hard) to get into worlds… I am not even sure if half of the HS teams in the world are confident of doing that…


Definitely feels like REC is pushing MS to VexIQ.


It was Worlds 2016 I believe where I got the feeling that at the time Jason and Paul really wanted MS to do IQ more than VRC.


Not so sure about that. Looking at the STEMlabs with V5 - certainly lines up nicely with a lot of CommonCore and Next Generation Science Standards. Also, with a strong PLTW program in place, I think VRC MS is still viable.

While it’s viable, IQ is extremely appealing. Here in Georgia, middle school VRC died in a single year because the main county switched to IQ. It’s extremely cheap to start an IQ team, especially compared to VRC. Why should a school spend $1500 to start a single VRC team when they can start ~3-4 IQ teams for the exact same price?

Depends on your objectives - if it is cost - then go VEXIQ all the way through high school :slight_smile:

OK. Then - back to your regularly scheduled thread. What about those Signature Events?!

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I so wish I could pull the budget to go up to WPI with the teams. I think it’d be fun. But I’ve gotta save my leave for US Open, Worlds, and the NSBE events this year.

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That is going to be a massive tournament! I have to say, I was thinking the same thing last night. It would be fun. Not sure if it’s in the cards, though.

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The one at the Smithsonian looks cool.

we are already booked for the season, but we may consider it if it becomes a annual event.

It sounds amazing. The Air and Space Museum was one of my favorite places when I lived in NoVa. It sounds like it’ll make for an amazing robotics venue.

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It definitely will be. Those guys put on some great events including our State Championship. I’m gonna be their either way, either competing or volunteering.

You and me both!

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Is there any way for the High School Kalahari classic to become a signature event even after the event is full? Kalahari WAS listed in the signature events list when it came out as a thing vex. The event itself is 100/100 teams, but the ratio of teams from out of state to in is 24/76. Would it be hard for the event to add one more team to the roster so it becomes a Signature Event?

I’m pretty sure Kalahari is a signature event. Being a signature event means that teams qualify directly for Worlds. On the award tab for Kalahari, it shows that excellence award and tournament champs qualify for worlds.

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Anyone know why the Google Event only sends the Excellence to Worlds?

On another note, in our area we have Northrop Grumman, the presenting sponsor for VRC and VIQC.

HQ is in Falls Church.

There’s no reason that they can’t host a signature event in the DC Area as well, or any event.

@Gear Geeks - I was aware that for an event to be considered a signature, you had to have at least 25% of the teams competing to be out of state(along with multiple other qualifications, of course). On the Kalahari page it used to say Worlds qualification only, but now it says “State/Regional Championship/World Championship”. I’m going to assume (because this is a new thing) that they would try and find one other team to make it a worlds qualification, but right now it seems like it won’t be one.

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Ah, I see your point. So, if they don’t qualify as a Signature Event anymore, how do they get to keep the Worlds spots? That almost seems like a boost of 3 Worlds spots for Ohio. Does that come out of Ohio’s world spot allocations then? It does seem to go against the spirit of Signature Events. Hmmm.

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If it’s just one team, I could RECF making a small exception.