Here are all the loaders for people who have not built a working loader yet.

  1. There is a flywheel loader. How the flywheel loader works is 3-5 small to medium flywheels on an axle(does not matter what size) 2-3 of these axels with equal length on some sort of platform that holds it together. Note, make sure the platform is loose so it can absorb the disc. And make sure that there is a secure platform underneath these.
  2. There is a rubberband loader. You get an axle and secure gears on each end then you put rubber bands around the gears on each end so the rubber band stretches across the whole length of the axle. Note, make 3-4 of these. And make sure that there is a platform underneath these.
  3. There is a flap loader. Get two axles and attach flaps to them. Make sure there is a platform under it.

If I am reading this correctly, I believe you mean flexwheels instead of flywheel and intake instead of loader. Am I correct or did I read this wrong?

Also, I believe there are many other topics already around the forum for different types of intakes. There are a couple of designs that were not listed here, such as a pneumatic tubing intake. In my opinion, there is no need to have a topic dedicated to different intake designs. People should be researching on their own to find out what type of intake they want to use. Look through reveal videos and other forum topics. There is a great one you can find here: