Looking for resources for a New team Guide!

Hello Everyone!
I’m Jack S. from team 61391Z in Nashville Tennessee.
One thing that made my first few years as a competitor in VRC hard was really the lack of general information that is easily available to new teams. This was a major problem for our other teams- a few members of my team did vex IQ for a few years, and we knew a lot about the general mechanisms. However, as our school vrc teams are still fairly new (we have only had more than one team for 2 years now), we had almost no information on things like build quality.
As our school is preparing to take on a few more teams, which will most likely be made up of 8th graders/9th graders moving from IQ or 9th/10th graders with no prior experience, I would like to create a guide that would hopefully show them the basics of how to create a solid robot. My idea for this is to make it less of a tutorial, and more of a place that contains links to different places with information on topics like build quality, types of drives or lifts, and just general places with good information. These links could be things like the Kepler Electronics and TMayers youtube channels, and sites like kb.vex.com or the BLRS wiki.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions for resources, and PM me if you would like to help with this. (and if people ask nicely enough, I may even send a copy their way :wink:)
Thanks everyone,
Jack S.

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PID Controller

Pure Pursuit (just putting it here for the sake of documentation)

and most importantly, https://www.learncpp.com/


Thank you! As this will most likely be for new teams, they will most likely want information that is closer to building standards than programming, but that would certainly be helpful.



Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for!

There’s also this.


Ooh, Thanks! That looks like there is some great information in there!

I’d say something about the BLRS Wiki but I just realized you already know about it, is there something that you’d like to learn about in specific? (question open to everyone) We’re a constantly growing resource and we hope to accommodate community needs :).


I haven’t looked at it in too much detail, but is there much in there about things like proper build quality, such as bracing and not cantilevering wheels?

Check out hardware > lift > best practices


Yep, sorry about the late response. Been busy with some other stuff.
Here’s some direct links that might be helpful:

Of course, this Wiki is very much WIP and we’re continually improving it, especially now that Purdue is on summer break now. We appreciate any feedback you may have :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I have made some progress on this, and have created a basic outline, and completed part of the structure and connections part. I will link it here- please feel free to leave comments!


I know it’s been a while, but I ended up redoing this guide once I got to the information I have no experience in. I finished this a while ago, but just now ended up posting it here. I ended up doing it closer to what I had originally planned, and just linking in other sites. Here is the link:

Thank you people for the support!


Hi! My team recently started something similar to what you did, this post was linked in the comments under mine talking about the project we were working on. We plan on using many of the same VEX resources that you were already using, and will eventually be including CAD models and example designs for many mechanisms. If you would like you can find our manual here: VEX VRC Manual

If you would like to contact us or have any tips or advice for us please either respond to this or reach out to us at ----------