Remembering the best

I wanted to announce that I am starting a new open source project. I want to create and release the CAD models for some of the best robots that have been made in vex over the past few years. I got inspiration for this from another competitor many years ago that did something similar with 1103’s Round up robot.

Viewing the model of 1103’s robot when i first joined vex taught me a lot of the basic’s and really inspired me (My first drive was a very poorly built clone of his). I’m hoping that these will have a similar impact on other competitors.

The robots that i plan to make right now are:

  • 2587Z Nothing but net
  • 169A Turning Point
  • 365X Starstruck
  • 202Z In The Zone

In the future i am considering to do:

  • 21 Tossup
  • 118 Skyrise
  • 62 Skyrise
  • 44 Tossup
  • (Possibly more)

Let me know if you want another to be made and i will definitely consider it.

Today i finished the 2587Z Nothing But Net CAD and will release the files soon, for the time being i will leave you with some renders i made of it. :slight_smile:

Chassis%20and%20Flywheel%20render Chassis%20Render%201 Chassis-Flywheel-Intake%20Render Final%202587Z%20render%201 Final%202587Z%20render%202


This is such a cool idea. I could really seeing this grow into an amazing resource for the community. Other robots off the top of my head that would be cool to see:

  • 44 - Round Up
  • One of the 1104’s - Toss Up
  • Any 5225 robot
  • Maybe some of the crazier designs, like 185 or 8000 in Starstruck, or any of the really well done Wall or tether bots from the past

62A In the Zone would be awesome.

Thanks for making this thread, such a great idea :smiley:


185 turning point (anti anime turret) would be really cool. If you have the model of 1103 that would also be a great resource for the community.


Thank You Zach Nine Hundred Twenty Nine, Very Cool.

Can’t wait for the 365X Star Stuck Renders :smile:


Completely forgot about 44 Round up, it was way ahead of its time. I will make sure at least one of those gets done.


Wow. Thank you Zach for taking on this project. I’m sure it will be an incredible resource for the community for years to come.

Another team to throw in — 400X has had quite a few cool robots over the years.


Maybe try 127C for Round Up?

They had a killer wallbot

It may be too early to tell, but consider 448X for Tower Takeover, (and for that matter, TP as well).


As promised, here are the CAD files (and probably less compressed versions of those renders). All the files will be going into this drive.


How about the USC bots from turning point, they won exelence and did so with one design

And they went 46-3 in the entire season

And obviously 224X (huggles) from starstruck (not biased in any way)

I can get more pics for both if u decide to do either of them, but I understand if u dont


This is a pretty cool project Zach. If I may add some suggestions to your already star-filled list (Aside from 929 bots), some teams that come to mind are
-2587Z Skyrise
-400X NBN
-8000 Starstruck
-62A ITZ
-448X Turning Point
Thanks for deciding to complete this project and i wish you the best of luck in Uni


Also maybe AURA from starstruck


6008D Delta Force.

You could go with 35216C if you need examples of what NOT to do.
Source:Was practically the only person who worked on it willingly (seeing as my parters goofed off the whole time)

How about QCC2 from skyrise? Definitely my favorite vex robot of all time.


Update: added chain to the 2587Z NBN cad file and made a new render:

Final%202587Z%20with%20chain%201 Whoops%2C%20accidentally%20clicked%20render%20button%20i%20guess


Is that a maybe to a second series of worst robots?

Where can I got my bot in blue and gold chrome? I swear I will get this even if it means taking up my entire budget


Im pretty sure that 2587 just used Rustolium paint every year. 169 last year got the robots anodized and a lot of FRC teams do powder coating. All of those will produce a similar look but painting is the cheapest.