Low Hang using 4-bar

Can anyone provide pointers on low-hang mechanism for this year’s Pitching In challenge? If you have been able to successfully do a low hang using 4-bar I have some questions and will truly appreciate your help.

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Hi there, welcome to the community.

There are some threads going with some nice robot designs in them. I’m am not in IQ, so I don’t know much, but here are the threads:
Thread 1
Thread 2

Also, about the four-bar, I don’t know how high yours goes, but it can’t exceed 19" per expansion rules.

I hope this could help!

Edit: added another link


Hi and welcome,

As someone who has experimented with various types of low hangers, I’d recommend something closer to a single-jointed arm for low hanging. Although a 4-bar could potentially work, there is a much more efficient way to do it, and if you do it right I’m pretty sure you could even make a passive low climber (although I haven’t tried it).

One more note, considering how few points climbing is compared to a value of a ball in the high goal, I’d recommend going for the balls first because that can get you many more points than low (or even high) climbing. Once you can score all the balls though, that’s when I’d focus on hanging.

If you are willing to share you robot design, I’d be happy to help you design a low climber. Good luck!