Mecanum Drive vs. Holonomic Drive

(")> I couldn’t find a conversation about this question, which one is better, a Mecanum Drive or a Holonomic Drive. <(")

It depends on what you want out of the drivetrain.

Holonomic is fast lighter more accurate.

Mecanum has more torque and less chance of burning out.

Definitely holonomic. They both do the same thing except a holonomic drive is more efficient.

This is just semantics, but a “holonomic drive” is any drive that has the capability to move in any direction.

To answer your question, an omni-wheel drive is pretty much better than mecanums in every way, except that you can put mecanums on an existing chassis easier.

The holonomic drive I would recommend is an X-Drive as it is much faster at strafing and driving in general compared to meccanums

I would recommend a omni wheel x drive. It is much faster, lighter, and versatile.

Use x drives. Mecanums are large and don’t strafe well.

Can somebody show me what an x drive looks like? This is my first year so I don’t know much

X Drive -

Thanks for the info! I’m guessing this is programmed the same way a mecanum drive would be?

Yes it would be

X-Drive is the best holonomic drive. Mecanum is much slower and adds more strain on the motors

Just remember with an x drive is has an inherent speed ratio of 1.4 over a standard tank drive so it has less pushing powe and generally has more potential to burn out.

Yes, mostly. X-drive and mechanum motor commands end up being the same. Plus holonomic is a 45 degree offset from that.



Plus (with field centric driving):