Sooo, SPIN UP META IS...? 😮

im not sure but i think mecanum has more torque, but x drive is faster

also programming a x-drive and mecanum are the exact same

Basically, my team and I want a chassis that will make it easier to maneuver around, and be able to strafe, while using 4 motors only. X drive and holonomic are the 2 main types of designs that can do that, so I want to know if one works better then the other or if there is a reason to do a mecanum rather then a holonomic.

I have one question. Is there any easier alternative to odometry?
My team is not very experienced and we probably cant do odometry

A holonomic drive is any kind of drive that can strafe. An X-drive is a holonomic drive.


thought about it a little more, just make a box bot. have the bare minimum to pass inspection, at the end of the match have it expand to cover as many tiles as possible. Bonus points if you add a shooter so you can really carry for your team

Not really a wierd question - you will probably find better answers using the search function than you will asking this in a thread about the overall game meta-strategy.


I don’t know much about vex. Are flywheel launchers/flex wheel launchers easy to make? Are they just motors and wheels that launch a disc?

Check out the Purdue Sigbot Wiki - Flywheel - BLRS Wiki.

I also recommend finding their RI2D reveal video.


I mean, sure, the GPS sensor is an easy way out of having to develop an odometry system. But it’s high cost and only guarantee compatibility with skills fields (GPS strips are only mandated to be used on skills fields) mean that it would almost certainly be better if y’all went through the process of developing an odometry system. There are many resources on this forum and the various VEX related discord servers to help y’all on your journey.


What is that crazy sawtooth cut on the bottom and how did they ever pass inspection at any event?

My club nicknamed it “the knife”. They eventually replaced it and hence passed inspection.

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I think what teams should do is find a way to automate NOT getting 4+ discs. I may use a limit switch, though that might not be the best way to do it… a color sensor is so expensive too. maybe an ultrasonic? The no 4+ Discs rule I feel is quite limiting, i think it should’ve been at least 4 or 5. But then again, there’s only 60 discs on the field… I just don’t see this game being as offensive as the creators wanted it to be. Anyways, automating the discs will probably lead to much less calls by the referee, and therefore give you a better chance at winning. Especially if you’re doing a turret design.

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Yup, good idea. Years past teams have used line trackers to identify if an object is in a location. Basically a touchless touch sensor – an object directly in front of the sensor blocks light and that signal can be used to stop the intake system.


Limit switches or line sensors can be used to detect the position of multiple discs inside the robot, just like what teams did in Change Up and Turning Point.

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I’m Dan from 46P. The only competition this bot competed at was worlds. Before worlds, we replaced the offending c-channel with uncut half c-channel.

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Will skirts be necessary?
Also do I need a piston to raise the skirts/intake to drive into the low goal?

What is a skirt? sorry i’ve never heard this term used before.

It’s where you have a short sheet of plastic across the bottom of your robot. They were used a lot in Tipping Point to keep rings out of under the wheels.


okay thank you!

no. they wont.

I wouldn’t be so definitive about this, while I think the rings where more annoying the disks are really easy to run over and could throw off launchers. Are they necessary? probably not, but are they going to be useful probably.