MENTORBUILT - A Robot Made in 12 Total Hours For Your Enjoyment

Hey Everyone! This is a reveal for my new bot, MENTORBUILT. Its my first year in VEXU (lets go WPI), and I was missing my highschool years over the summer so i decided to build a completely legal VRC bot for teams with:

8 Motors
0 Flex Wheels
0 Pneumatics

I am releasing the video, photos of mechanisms, a full robot CAD, and a basic driver program in Python.

More info:

  • This bot was made with anything that my highschool team wasn’t using, including lots of steel. It weighs 13lbs with the steel, and I’d imagine that would drop down to around 11ish without it.
  • The robot is 15x16x15in
  • 200 rpm 4 motor drive
  • 2 motor 3000rpm flywheel
  • 1 motor 100rpm pusher
  • 1 motor 600 rpm intake

If you have any questions let me know! I’d love to help in any way I can.

Photo album:

CAD: MENTORBUILT_Final.stp - Google Drive

Program: BasicBot.v5python - Google Drive

Note: the CAD differs slightly from the actual bot. This is cause I made improvements in the cad to make the bot work a tiny bit better. When in doubt, follow the CAD.



why did you decide to go with a flywheel only supported on one side? I have seen one team canti their flywheel gears and I didnt really understand why. The flywheel could easily wobble and that single shaft collar could easily come loose. thank you

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the shaft is already supported at two points


can’t wait to build this!!!

Basically what mactar said. The shaft is supported at two points, and the flywheel itself is extremely close to that top piece of metal so there’s virtually zero wobble.


What software did you used for the CAD, because l can’t open the .stp file

And what did you put underneath the rubber bands in the flywheel wheel

is the python basic code in here?

This is a great resource!
In some ways, i think that this is better than blz-i, as it uses fewer expensive parts and is much simpler and realistic for a new team to build.


It looks like you have a 60 tooth gear and a 12 tooth gear. This would produce a speed of 3,000 rpm.


I cadded in inventor, however you should be able to open it in any cad software. Which are you trying?

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What do you mean by this? The actual wheel is just rubber bands zip tied to a traction wheel.


That’s my bad, I’ll upload it hopefully around noon when I get out of class.

Edit: fixed

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You would be right, that’s what no proofreading does for you.


That was the entire goal behind this! In no way is it supposed to be better than blz-i, if you have the parts I would prob build blz-i, but a ton of teams, especially new teams, don’t. Also, there’s many things on this bot I would change if I did it again. A lot of those changes are found in the cad (moving the pusher assembly 1 hole closer to the flywheel), while some teams need to come up with themselves.


On behalf of all the “Lipperverse” fans here, I applaud your efforts.


Is there a screw coming out of the shaft collar or is it just the small screw that is already in there

You can thread normal screws into shaft collars, and you can get a tiny bit more torque on shaft collars with 8/32 screws than you can with the set screws, so I decided to put that type of screw there on the off chance you don’t tighten it enough with the force of the rubber bands.


Hola que tal se que es mucho pedir pero no tendras un manual de construccion?