Modifying controller in open

I’m a single person team in open and I found my self running low on buttons is it against the rules to solder on more buttons? Because I know it’s illegal to modify v5 motors in open but does that apply to controllers too?

Even if you could, how would that help ? The firmware won’t understand more buttons.


I use arcade drive so my right stick is entirely free so I was planning on “tricking” the code into recognizing a button press as 3 or 4 on the stick

When you say “open”, do you mean the CREATE open program?


Yep (zhhdojdys0khkc7hzpjffyzxoguz5x)


I would not recommend modifying any V5 electronics, which includes the V5 controller.

it’s not a bad idea to set axis to be extra buttons, and you might be able to use those axis plus another button to expand the number of functions available to you at that moment. For example, you could make it so that if you press the button when an axis is say, halfway to the limit of travel, it moves your lift to a scoring position, and at the limit + button it sets it to absolute maximum in order to get out of sticky situations?

Have you considered making buttons double up on functions? You could have a single button intake, outtake, and stop using a Boolean toggle, as well as an if statement to track how long you are holding that button for. Let me know if you think that this could work for you.

There are a lot of smart people on VF, if you lay out a list of things you want to do on the controller (ex. I have two pneumatic pistons, a tank drive, and a lift), you’ll likely be able to get more specific help.


I think that is a great starting point! What do you want to do?

I would also point out from a user experience design point of view, you also have feedback to the user - such as displaying text on the controller, that will allow you a lot more options… I am pretty sure a lot of opportunities out there.

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You could theoretically rig it with the electronics from a partner controller, if you were so inclined.


Possibly the most viable option available^

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Good idea. Back in the day, when we used the cortex, I did something similar.


How about using a button or two as shift/ctrl/alt equivalents? I would guess the low shoulder buttons? It’s all completely under your coding control, so you might have the modifier keys only affect one or two of the buttons, or affect the sticks, too. Fast and loose driving, then fine control when you’re trying to manipulate something.
Maybe I just said @meepmeepme 's suggestion differently.
Here’s the limit of that button combination approach, and you can add the sticks into the table: Chorded keyboard - Wikipedia


Yes, this would probably be the best way to go about this. As a matter of fact, 929U used this for both their Turning Point and In The Zone Worlds robots.


If you were to scuf all 8 face buttons, you could have a chorded keyboard with 255 non zero patterns without ever moving your hands if you manage to put one together for your hand size. I haven’t tried @Pat.Chet.02 's yet (Unofficial) V5 Controller Ergonomic Upgrade Kit, 8 Paddle Scuf, USB-C, Belt-clip Holster, etc - #6 by Pat.Chet.02
Folk with fewer fingers will have plenty of volunteers interested in modifying an average scuf design.


At some point, perhaps exceptions to the electronic modification ban for a different limb count might be contemplated. Here you’d have something like 15 chording combinations without regrip…

There’s a stick on the bottom of the device to rest on a surface/knee.

Could you mabey switch a 2 button mech into a on off type switch like if you have an intake set it up so a single click of one buttone activates it and another click turns it off? For exaple i have my clams set so that when i push 1 butotn it jsut flips it to hte opposit position so if its closed 1 click opens it and vice versa.

It’s a solid idea, and you’ll find discussion of implementation if you search for “toggle” in the forum.


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Well not here, but maybe in another thread.

It’s great that you joined the VEX Forum.

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