Multiple files on vexcode not working

So you can create new files and include them into other files which is good for organization, for example you have main and you can make a file with all your functions in it. but after we did this, the files appeared to stop working when we upload it. We tested this on 3 different controllers and pcs and cortexes and the problem doesn’t change. The file slot and the name must be changed for it to upload properly. I think this may be a bug, but is there any fix or is this issue going to be fixed in a future update?

Post a few more details about what you are doing.

VEXcode can handle projects containing dozens of files, but you have to structure the project properly. See this topic from yesterday for an example of how not to structure the code and the fixes I applied for the OP to get it working.


We just sorted out how to do multiple files, I’d suspect any errors you get are a result of one of these two things, but do specify what errors you are actually having:
make sure your global variables are declared with extern and functions noted before called in main


Make sure you aren’t creating only header or only source files, make sure you create both then remember to include the headers in vex.h

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