Need a team to practice with!

We need a team to practice with before our actual game which is soon, we have never participated before and we would like to have a friendly match just to test things out. If anyone is down please replay or contact me, would really appreciate it


You should state your location so people can figure out if they are close or not


We just wanna play online

Just to confirm you are VRC right? This seems like an interesting proposition. Are you planning to continue the online practice matches after your comp? When is your comp and what times/dates are you free? If you are able to answer these then that would be pretty helpful. This is something I might take into consideration.

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Yes we are vrc, and yes we may play after our comp the 25th of this month if we happen to win , we need someone to play with as soon as possible cuz we need to test things out. I have to confirm with my team when they wanna practice online. Please take this into consideration, we really need someone to practice with.

Take a look at this thread:

It’s a team led project that might be of interest.


You can always turn to your RECF Regional Support Manager to connect to local teams to collaborate with. RECF RSM are the best!

We are a team in Morocco