Need help with danny lift

I need help with building the danny lift if anyone has some schematics that would be great

Advice: Don’t build a danny lift.


what’s a Danny lift


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isn’t that just a dr4b

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Its a DR4B with some things offset. It goes a couple inches taller at the cost of all of a dr4b’s advantages.

@EggsOnToast The thread from 2014 is here New and Improved Lift Design!!! just remember to not reply to it.

The thread has some good commentary and is worth reading.

After you read the thread post back here if you still want help building it. You will need to double up on the gears, before the double wide gears we put them side by side. A single gear won’t support the weight. Remember to use the steel axles for strength. You are also going to need to build a box beam (two 2x20 that are separated by spacers) the VRC version uses C-channel for rigidity. So building your own ridged beam is key.


Thanks! My team is new and we just needed a bit of advice

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So it’s still just a DR4B, right?


BuT wHy Do ThEy HaVe NaMeD iT dAnNy LIfT? I tHoUgHt It WaS a Dr4B!

bEcAuSe ItS a SpEcIfIc TyPe Of Dr4b, mY dUdE


honestly it’s not though. I’ve seen many dr4b in my time doing robotics and they are all called the same thing because they all are using the same mechanism(s).

Well if you were so smart then you wouldn’t have asked.

However you did ask which tells me that you didn’t notice the ‘double’ or ‘pair’ of ‘four bars’ that are stacked in opposite directions, one could say ‘in reverse’.

I didn’t ask what a dr4b is. I know what one is because I had one last year on my bot for stacking caps.

Then I’m really not sure what you are asking. Danny lifts are only called anything other than DR4B for specification. If you are trying to figure out why ‘danny’ is the name for it, I believe it’s a reference to the guy who popularized it in vex

It was just making a joke, I first saw someone call something simaler to this a Danny lift and I was very confused but I guess more people are calling it that now.

So Danny lifts are just super garbo dr4bs?


This is a joke

There is no such thing as danny lift.
It is just a variation of dr4b.

If you have looked thru the thread shared by Foster, you would understand why the name was being coined and even back then, it was already seen as an inappropriate name.

You guys can keep or use all these “nicknames” for the different mechanisms (e.g. goliath intake, hyukpult, etc) when communicating within your own members, but please use the proper technical terms when communicating in public forum or when interacting with others.
This is to prevent confusions and making sure others will understand what you are referring to.

And we are not even touching on the aspect of intellectual property… there are guidelines to decide if it is a new design or it is merely a variation of it, etc.