Need help with tray

So me and my team are trying to build a tray bot, but we don’t know where to exactly start for a tray and we already have a base ready but just the tray kinda confused us to start from scratch. Would anyone be interested in helping us out with a tray by showing pictures or explaining how to built it? It be really helpful for us and then we can move on to the next step of making a intake.

Check the 448x ri3d and documentary

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go to 449X’s instagram and go to their link tree. There they have a google drive folder with all of there cad stuff. That should give you some ideas


could you provide the link? thank you

just seaarh 448x on youtube

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Please, you know the link to instagram or google driver of 449x, could you please provide the link. Thank you.

@langchen It’s

thank you so much. It is really helpful

Here’s an image of my tray with two different intake types. The one on the left is the Pearl City style with flats supporting both sides and the right is a cantilevered style. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

E: some important takeaways. 1. Have the bottom half of your tray be solid. Cubes will do in diagonal and it’s important to have room for them to fall flat.
2. Make your tray as flat as possible when deployed. 3. You don’t need to make the bottom solid on the upper levels, just the sides.


Thank you, this really helps us out a lot

You’re welcome. If you need any more help with some design aspects of your tray please let me know. I’m adjusting my lift so I can get some good pictures of certain aspects of my tray

Hi dear
Could you send pic for your tray… my tray when i fold it be becomes to tall and it is not acceptable