New Firmware Dynamic Motor Current

How does the new dynamic motor current firmware work. If I limit 6 motors to 2 amps and limit 3 motors to 1 amp and then have two unrestricted motors will those run at 2.5 amps. Will the firmware detect it has 5 unused amps when the other 2 motors start to runs them at 2.5 amps.

This really only applies to VEXU teams, but this is how I think it works:

0-8 motors: maximum power for every motor
9 motors: 21÷9 amps per motor
13 motors: 21÷13 amps per motor

You get the idea.
That was how it had been working in the past. Now those limits are only applied to motors that are currently running, not all motors currently plugged in. For example:

19 motors total, 13 running: 21÷13 amps per motor

This is how I believe it works, @jpearman correct me if I’m wrong.

Let’s not start throwing out all sorts of guesses. I’ll explain details next week if I get a chance. It’s neither of the above two scenarios


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