New Products - August 2022

A new product has just been added to the VEX Website, introducing the V5 Flywheel Weight (2-pack).

Use the flywheel weight to prevent your launcher wheels from losing speed after firing. These flywheels have holes designed to work on V5 pitch, as well as the VEXpro VersaHub.

They are now available for purchase from the US store, with international availability rolling out over the next few weeks.


Spin Up flywheels going to be like:


Black powder coat, 3mm 11 gauge steel

Yeah time to make my own, pretty sure we got everything we need in our lab.


Pricey, does it come with a gift bag?


yo this is going to be insane cant wait to get my hands on these

Refs waiting for flywheels to stop spinning after the autonomous period has ended so they can start driver control:



For anyone else confused like I was,

Though maybe G3 will supersede this (I think it should, as long as there’s no obvious way for moving flywheels to affect scoring). Food for Q&A thought


I literally finished this earlier today.


Ok just make these legal for VRC Flywheel Weight - VEX Robotics

Sometimes I get the entire “Oh dude, making a SKU is hard and then we need to stock and item life is …” and then we get a flat metal plate with holes in it. Pick a lane.


Yes, but the VRC sku is made from pure osmium </s>


Woo Now I don’t have to buy tungsten nuts.


Don’t get the screwgate crowd riled up again.




I agree with you. V5 Flywheel Weight and Shaft Ball Bearings are so expensive! Can we use our own products except this products? Or how we can buy these cheaper?

There are plenty of alternatives to these new products that work just as well. We’ve stuck with low strength axels and regular bearings for our flywheel and it works flawlessly as long as you correctly line up the bearings. This thread also has a couple pictures of flywheel weights made from preexisting vex parts which give the advantage of being able to tune exactly how much weight you want on your flywheel. You can also search up TP and NBN robots and see how the best teams made their flywheels. Although these new products make building a flywheel slightly more convenient, they are far from being essential to this year’s game.


Thank you for your advices. Can I learn what type of wheel you used for flywheel? I guess you used flex wheel but im not sure.

If you’re not sure, I think it’s time for you to do some research and see what most people use, or better yet, experiment yourself. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but sometimes it’s just as important to figure out what works best on your own. And while some people don’t mind sharing how they built something, I think the majority here won’t provide exact build details because robotics is about innovation and learning. And hey, it’s way more fun to build something new than to copy an old design.

Oh im sorry, i didnt express well that i mean. I just wanted to know what type of wheel he/she used at their own design for figure out what they mean. (its just because of my english is not very good ) Its part of researching, they dont have to share their design. Of course im trying to build new designs.
Also thanks for sharing your opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

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For grins I searched “VEX Flywheel design” and got a lot of neat results. In particular, this new video from VEX:

Expecting to see a lot of these guys in competition :slight_smile:


I’m actually currently using a 4 inch traction wheel with mesh and rubber bands around it for grip and compression. We can get away with a lighter flywheel for now cause our indexer is on the slower side, shooting 3 discs in about 1.8 seconds. With the right compression, flex wheels work just as well. We just didn’t need the extra weight so we chose to use a traction wheel which is lighter and lower proflie.